I want to provide any easy reference to some of the photos I have taken: those submitted to challenges, those I have taken in my various photography courses and of weddings I have been to. Please feel free to look through them and give me some constructive criticism!

You can see the most recent photography posts here.


Lloydminster Wedding: May 2009
Calgary Wedding: August 2009
Victoria Wedding: September 2009
2010 Weddings
Spring 2011 Weddings

Photography Courses

Intro to Photography

Night Photography Fun

Scenic and Wildlife Photography

Scenic Landscape Photos
Scenic Snow Photos
Zoo Trip

Night and Low Light Photography

Photoshoot around SAIT Campus
Night Time Driving
Prairie Chicken

Intro to Photoshop

Portrait Edit

Studio Portrait Lighting

Studio Portraits

I try my best to participate in the following photography challenges:

Selfie Saturdays hosted by Selfie Magic

Most recent

Self, You are Beautiful
How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Fan
Selfie Saturday – Magic Fun
Jumping Selfie Saturday (on Sunday)
Selfie Saturday: Magic Collaboration
Selfie Saturday: Now, Then and Anon
Weekend Bike Trip (Animated GIF)
Celebration Selfie

Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit hosted by Jill Samter and Ashley Sisk

Most recent

Yellow: Straight Out Of the Camera / Edit
Flowers: SOOC / Edit
Green: S / Edit
Up: SOOC / Edit
Faith: SOOC / Edit
Easter: SOOC / Edit
Growth: SOOC / Edit
Looking Up: SOOC / Edit
Bubbles: SOOC / Edit
Swings and Slides: SOOC / Edit
Father’s Day: SOOC / Edit
Sunrise (but not actually): SOOC
Red White and Blue: SOOC / Edit
The Sky’s the Limit: SOOC / Edit
Summer: SOOC

Foto Friday Challenge hosted by Household6Diva and then by Mom Tried It

Most Recent

January 14: Stairs
January 21: Light
January 28: Reflection
February 4: SOOC
February 11: Edit This!

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