Scenic Snow Photos

I need your help again please! My next assignment in my Scenic and Wildlife Photography Class is to take two scenic photos with the following specifications: it had to be taken from a low angle, everything must be in focus and it can’t include anything man-made.

I went out to the river by my parent’s cabin and up  to Nose Hill to take some photos. By the end of both shoots, my pant legs were soaked and I was covered in snow – my prof should be happy with my attempts to “get low.” To be honest, I’m not 100% happy with them as I was taking pictures as to my professor’s specifications – low angle, using foreground to give the viewer a place to stand and a bunch of other things instead of taking pictures of what I think looks good. I guess I have to get the rules of composition more ingrained, so that I incorporate them without thinking!

Anyways, I would appreciate it if you would please look through the following photos and choose your two favourites in the poll at the end. Here are this week’s options:

1. River View Upstream

2. River View Downstream

3. River View with Ice Chunk

4. Rock covered in Snow

5. River View with Tree

6. River with Sunset

7. Grass, Trees and Sun

8. Grass on the Horizon

9. Grass and Sun

In the poll, could you please choose your favourite two photos?


Thank you to all who helped me pick out the photos for my previous assignment last week. I ended up choosing photos 3, 4 and 8. We were critiqued on our composition: our use of the rule of thirds, framing, leading lines, perspective, triangles and foreground (to give the viewer something to “stand on”). I really like how our teacher approaches this – he asks “how can you make this picture better?” instead of what is wrong with the photo.

Thanks again for your help!


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8 responses to “Scenic Snow Photos

  1. you are seriously giving me a hard time! these photos are great! =) plus.. we don’t have winter on our side of the globe =( so these photos made me go.. “wow” ….
    anyway, i’ll try my best to choose the best two.. =)

    and oh….. =D hihi.. since you are a hobbyist.. i have a question.. mmm.. i plan to buy a digicam. I am just an ordinary person and want an ordinary camera, but i want something that would last. I bought a few in the past that only lasted for a year. I want something that would last longer… do you have any suggestions? =D thanks in advance!

  2. I agree with Viv, it’s very had to pick! I love the ones toward the end, especially 8 and 9.

  3. Hi Bean,
    I loved the last two. 8 – I think has beautiful colours and 9 has a great composition. Both follow the rule of thirds. 9 would be even better if you could remove the sun reflex on the far right. It is a little distracting. Hope you don’t mind giving my thoughts on your already great photographs.
    Warm regards,

  4. Hi Bean! I gave you a blog award. =D Check it out and pass it on too! =)

  5. Beautiful photos – the last four are amazing, I love the way you captured the sun. Visiting from SITS!

  6. I voted… but great job!! You do have some winners 🙂


  7. I love the way you captured the movement of the water in the second photo.

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