Zoo Trip

More photography course fun! This last weekend we headed out to the zoo to practice taking pictures of wildlife. It was good – lots of tips and stories from both our instructors. I initially froze in the morning despite having about ten layers of clothing on. I later realized that I could have worn my wool hiking socks instead of the thin socks I was wearing and my feet would have been much warmer. Then, of course, when we entered the tropical conservatory, it was a 40C temperature change plus humidity and I pretty much melted. Apparently camera lenses don’t enjoy the sharp temperature change either – I had to wipe the lens off before I took every picture for the first ten minutes. I didn’t have a lens cloth, so I used my t-shirt. Some of my classmates scolded me, so needless to say I went out and got one for myself!

Although our trip was fun, we had an ulterior motive for being at the zoo: we had to take photos for our next assignment. This time we have three categories: Mammal, Humour and Colour. (For those from the States, check out the “u” action in the Canadian spelling of the later two words.)

As per usual, I have chosen my favourite photos from these three categories, but I would like your help in choosing which photos I will submit in my assignment! I have created a poll for each category – there’s lots of pictures, but hopefully it’s worth it. If you have any constructive criticism of my photos, I would love to hear it – it’s good for me to learn about ways that I can improve my photography!

Category: Mammals

1. Majestic Mountain Sheep Ram

2. Side View of Mountain Sheep Ram

3. Lemur in Tree

4. Monkey Embrace

5. Monkey Silhouette

6. Contemplative Monkey

Category: Humour

1. Tree Loving Giraffe

2. Newspaper Monkey

3. Silly Parrot

4. 80's Glamour Shot Monkeys

5. Monkeys Beauty Salon

6. Curious Monkey

7. Sleeping Anteater


Category: Colour

1. Frosty Leaf


2. Frosty Rose Hips

3. Funky Pink Flower

4. Purple Orchids

5. White Orchid

6. Hanging Orchids

7. Red Flowers

8. Colourful Parrot


Again, thank you so much for your help in choosing photos! 🙂

What do you enjoy the most about going to the zoo?


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6 responses to “Zoo Trip

  1. I voted on all three and left some comments with your polls too. Tried to be constructive, hope my comments help. Luv the ram!!! I’d blow that one up and hang in my house if I could!

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