Friday Fun

The last few weeks have been quite hectic around the Bean Household, so I haven’t had as much time online as I usually do. So, I thought I would share some of the more exciting things that I have been up to:

  1. I’m working with JennyO on a collaborative self portrait over the last week or so. I am really excited for how it’s coming together. Stay tuned!
  2. I’m now tutoring three people instead of one. It’s a good thing that I like math and science!
  3. The weather has gotten nice enough for me to start riding my bike and everything is starting to turn green. Both things make me incredibly happy.
  4. My photography courses are over until I may start some in the fall. I loved going to them, but I also like having an evening back to hang out with Mr. Bean.
  5. I decided to participate in this week’s “Foto Friday” challenge with the prompt “Old.” This photo is from our trip to Europe last spring of a monastery ruin that was originally built in the 1400s. I consider that to be quite old!
  6. I made bread again today. There’s nothing quite like fresh bread. Yum.
  7. Remember these cake pops? Well, I won second place in the challenge and received a copy of “Everyday Raw” by Matthew Kenney. It’s my kind of cookbook – lots of colour, smooth pages, easy to read and lots of pictures. Seriously, everything looks so delicious. Thank you Nicole and Lisa!
  8. Mr. Bean and I booked our flights out to Vancouver Island for this summer. I am really looking forward to it!
  9. I feel like I’ve realized something really important in my counselling, which is good. Now just to deal with it.
  10. I really like this song:

    It’s true. We’re more than our past mistakes. God loves us. We’ve been remade. 🙂

What is the most exciting thing that happened to you in the last week or so?


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7 responses to “Friday Fun

  1. ostranderblog

    I’ve loved getting to work with you on the collab! That monastary pic is awesome! Where is that?

  2. THose arches are pretty cool! 🙂

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  4. Kim

    That is a great shot! Thank you for linking up. You always have such fantastic shots to share.

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