Celebration Selfie

For almost every celebration, my family gathers around the dining room table for dinner, conversation and ridiculousness. Given that last week was a very large event for most people in the states, so for this week’s celebration themed Selfie Saturday I thought I would use my family’s usual celebration spot – complete with poinsettia table cloth. Yes, we’re that organized and 5 months early for Christmas!

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How does your family celebrate special occasions?


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5 responses to “Celebration Selfie

  1. LOVE this one… lol the black t-shirt pic reminds me of the one kid at the table who does NOT want to be there 😉 My Mom was always the one with traditions, but its funny now I get it. My daughter is home for summer vaca and I’m amazed at how important it is the special things and ways we do them are to her. We tend to to do the same thing the big importance of table time talk and laughter!

  2. That is just awesome. I love your take on this!

  3. I absolutely love this selfie portrait. You did such an amazing job on it!

  4. OMG, I forgot I didn’t comment on this one! It’s so awesome,seriously!

    I love how you perfectly acted out all the different table characters.

    My fave is the cowboy hat dude ( I assume it’s supposed to be a man, right?)

  5. very creative! great job on this one!

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