Foto Friday: Edit This!

I’m the first one to admit that my photoshop skills are lacking – it’s a good thing that my next photography course is “Photoshop for Photographers!” When I saw that this week’s Foto Friday was “Edit This,” my stomach sank a bit – how could I edit something to look neat if I don’t know how to use photoshop!

So, with lots of help from online tutorials and the photoshop help index, I did my best to make an interesting edit. I used a texture from here.

Not bad for a first try! This is what the original photo looks like:

I’m not sure what kind of flower it is – I found it in the conservatory at the Calgary Zoo.

Are you a self-learned photoshop user? What resources have you found the most helpful?

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18 responses to “Foto Friday: Edit This!

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that photoshop is just hard. Thank goodness for their help tutorials! I’ve watched some of them ten times at least. I’m trying to teach myself, but if I ever find a class for a good price, I’ll be the first in line!

    • I’ve also spent a fair amount of time watching tutorials. The thing that bothers me about them is that they never quite do what I really want to learn how to do. Go figure, hey?

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  3. I think you did a great job for a first attempt at editing. I am self taught with photoshop just typing in queries into google and watching youtube videos.

    Ashley Sisk at Ramblings and Photos has a weekly challenge called shoot and edit and she gives a tutorial every week starting with the basics in photoshop. Kim Klassen also gives out free textures to those on her mailing list and now and then has a free class that you can enrol in.

  4. Came out GORGEOUS! I seriously need some flowers around here.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve started using Photoshop long time ago, over the years I learned a lot. I read and researched a lot as well. Of course it was a trial and error most of the time when I just began learning it. My advice to everyone is to keep playing with it. And NEVER work on the original file. I was also lucky enough to work with very talented and skilled graphic designers who always seemed to know a whole lot and had great ideas so I learned a lot just by observing what they were doing. I was offered to teach a Photoshop class last year but due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t accept it. The idea to share my PS knowledge with others came from there and from my friends who constantly asked me how I do things. That’s the reason I’ve decided to blog about it. I just hope people will find helpful.

  6. Deb

    You did a great job! I can’t tell that you’re just learning. Beautiful photo!

  7. Beautiful photo…I love the colors and the contrast you added to it. Seeing a beautiful flower blooming makes me even more excited for spring…

  8. Ah textures – that makes those of us that edit in Lightroom jealous! 😉 You did a great job for your first attempt. The texture does add interest, for sure. Keep playing at it!

  9. ostranderblog

    Love it, I used Photoshop for web design years ago, I’m having to teach myself to look at things artistically again, I find myself running around looking at things on how they’d look in the camera. That flower is interesting… I do love the edits!

  10. lovely first steps with Photoshop!

  11. i had never been good at photoshop. i am the only one in our family who doesnt know a single thing in photoshop. haha =p

  12. Kim

    I love the texture you added to it. It is fabulous. I haven’t had the courage to try to add textures, yet. I love the way they make images look, though. You did a fantastic job!! I am totally impressed.

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