Edit and Shoot: Flowers

Welcome back for some photoshop flower editing fun! If you’d like to see the tutorial the lovely Ashley Sisk wrote about editing flowers and everyone else’s edits – here’s the link up!

Just for reference, here is the original shot of this crazy looking tropical flower:

So, without further ado, here are my edits:

  1. In Lightroom, I cropped the photo to follow rule of thirds better.
  2. Increased vibrance to +30, contrast to +50 and black clipping to +7.
  3. Added more red by changing tint from -10 to -5.
  4. Using the adjustment brush, I painted the flower (make sure auto mask is on!) added a slight pink colour and upped the saturation to +15.

For the following edit, I used both lightroom and photoshop. I used masks for the specific selection of the flower – you can copy and paste the selection to a new layer, but you can’t edit the edges much further if you do that. Whereas if you use a mask you can paint on the mask to cover or show things that you want!

  1. In lightroom, reduce the saturation, increase vibrance, clarify, contrast and exposure until you reach something you like.
  2. Open this photo and the previously edited photo in photoshop.
  3. Put both pictures as layers in one file, with the brighter layer on top.
  4. Using your quick selection tool, select the part of the flower you want to make “pop.” Zoom in, start with a fairly large brush and reduce the brush size by pressing “[” for more finiky parts. Use alt+click to take away selections.
  5. Click refine edges button at the top to edit the edges of the selection.
  6. Create a mask around the selection by pressing the button at the bottom of the layers menu that looks like a circle in a rectangle. You can now edit the mask by selecting the mask in the layers menu and using a brush to paint black (to hide) or white (to show) what parts of the photo are affected by your edits.
  7. Adjust flower to get desired look.

I really wanted to try using the artistic filter on this flower, but for some reason photoshop wouldn’t let me do that. Any suggestions as to why? I know way more than I used to about photoshop, but in many aspects I’m still pretty clueless!

How is your Thursday coming along?


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13 responses to “Edit and Shoot: Flowers

  1. Sorry, can’t help you with photoshop–unless it is the size or type of image–that is what has given me problems before. Oh, and sometimes I tried to apply it when the layer I had selected was an levels layer or something similar–then it won’t work. Beyond that…

    I think it looks great anyway!

  2. I love your first edit – the colors are beautiful!

  3. Ooo, I love the greens in the first edit but the pop of red of the flower in the second edit. I guess I love both pictures!

    I had a problem with the artistic filters with PSE today too. Sometimes Photoshop just needs to be restarted, it gets wonky sometimes. In this case though I saved and closed the copy of the pic I was working with and then reopened it, duplicated it and tried again and it finally worked just by choosing filter (in the bar across the top)->artistic-dry brush (or whatever filter you’re trying to get to. Silly PSE

  4. The colors of the first edit are wonderful. Nice job.

  5. Michelle

    I thought of you today while I was walking to work – the frost patterns everywhere, particularly on the trees, are amazing, and I wished I had my camera. Then I thought that maybe you’d get a chance to take some pictures this morning – if you do, I hope you post them! 🙂

  6. That first edit is great, the color is so vibrant and just pop!

  7. The first edit is my favourite!! Love the punch of color! 🙂

  8. Fascinating to see your process. I’m not much of a photographer, but I’ll have to keep checking back in to get some editing tips. Love the color on the first one.

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