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Spring Weddings

In the last month or so, Mr. Bean and I have been to two weddings: one was a friend from our old youth group (that’s where I took these jumping shots) and the other was one of Mr. Bean’s brothers! Instead of showing 50 billion photos, I made little collages for each wedding of my favourite photos, similar to the ones I did for the 2010 weddings we went to. Please do click them to see the larger version of them!

The wedding reception was held at the golf course my parents go to, where they recently renovated their club house. I love going to eat there as they are SO good with allergies – Mr. Bean went and told one of the servers my allergies, then the chef came out and asked me what I wanted/could eat and ended up making me my own separate meal as I couldn’t eat much in the buffet. After having so much food angst at the weddings last year, it was wonderful! They even had a mashed potato bar around 11pm – seriously amazing.

Mr. Bean’s brother’s wedding was the first wedding I’ve been to where I have been a member of the immediate family. I was spoiled for taking photos – I sat in the front row of the church (even though I had the actual photographer in front of me most of the time) and one of the front and centre tables at the reception. It meant that I didn’t have to bring my creeper (70 – 300mm) lens!

A few funny things happened at this wedding: first the church was tiny and over 200 people were invited to the wedding. I think they managed to fit about 160 people in, which is still a feat as the church would comfortably fit 80 – 90 people. Again, I was glad that Mr. Bean and I were doing a reading as it guaranteed us a spot in the front! Secondly, the priest got confused about who was getting married as he said Mr. Bean’s other brother was getting married (in his defence their names both start with “G”), so I turned to Mr. Bean and said “Well, it looks like both your brothers are in for a surprise!”

The reception was held at the Banff Springs Hotel. Holy man is it a ritzy hotel – it was built in the 1880s by Canadian Pacific Railways for their rich European clientele and it has maintained that level of upscale-ness since. We stayed there for two nights and it was really nice! The reception was probably one of the best I’ve been to – the food was amazing (I wouldn’t have expected anything less!) and everything was beautiful and perfectly executed. I even had a server come and introduce herself to me to confirm my allergies and everything she brought to me were my allergy friendly versions of what everyone else ate. She even brought me my own gluten free chocolate cake for dessert. (!) I was super impressed.

I thought that these two weddings were going to be our weddings for 2011, but we received two more invitations in the mail in the last week. Thankfully both of them are in Calgary, so we don’t have to travel! Now I’m just hoping that no one else decides to get married this year so we don’t try to break last year’s record of five weddings in a year. But even if anyone does, I will happily go as I honestly love weddings. Good thing too!

Have you been to any weddings lately?


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Weddings of 2010

How many weddings did you attend in 2010? Mr. Bean and I attended five (!) weddings and one vow renewal, so kudos to you if you attended more! (It’s s good thing that I love weddings!) Unsurprisingly, every wedding I brought along my camera to take photos and I was the “official” photographer at the vow renewal, as I had mentioned in my 101 in 1001 Update.

At thesuggestion of Viviene of Journey of a Woman I have put together a few boards which highlight my favourite photographs from each of the weddings I attended.  I think it’s really neat to see how my photography has improved over the summer and various events.

There you have it! Now if you know anyone who needs a wedding photographer who is still learning, let me know. 😛

How many weddings are you attending in 2011? Fortunately for us, there is only two that I know of!

*If you’re in any of these photos and don’t want to be, please let me know and I will take it down.


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Why Cupcakes are Great at Weddings

Because it means that I can take photos like these:




There were 12 different flavours. I couldn’t tell you what they were but I’m sure they were all delicious.





These photos definitely make up for the fact that I could not eat them. Yum.

All photos from my cousin’s wedding.


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Vancouver Island: The Wedding

Sunday was a very fun yet crazy day. Imagine waking up fairly early, packing like a mad person, driving for 1 1/2+ hours in the pouring rain and getting ready with 6 people in the only hotel room that was available at the time. Poor Mr. Bean was feeling a bit claustrophobic, but that’s my family in a small room for you.

Anyways, before we headed off to the wedding, we stopped in the lobby of our hotel for some pictures (it probably also helped that we thought the wedding was at 2, when in fact it was at 2:30.)


Here we are with our classic “sibling wedding shot” – no family photo shoot is complete without it.


I also learned (again) that I suck at walking in 3 inch heels. It is generally recommended to get your husband to drop you off near the church instead of parking a ways away and hobbling all the while.

The wedding was held at St. Ann’s Academy in Victoria – it has an extremely beautiful chapel that brought back memories of European palaces of old. Mr. Bean and I found it amusing how well they hid the sprinklers in the decorations on the ceiling in the chapel.


As I said previously, it was a beautiful wedding. The chapel also has a pipe organ, so there was beautiful music.


10 minutes after the bride arrived, my cousin and his new wife were married!


The Academy has a set of beautiful stairs in front where we had a group photo. Fortunately, the rain decided to let up for that moment – that much couldn’t be said for the rest of the day.


They had a pretty awesome get-away car. It definitely trumps our Toyota Matrix.


Their reception was held at a golf course that would have had a nice view of the Olympic Mountains in Washington if it wasn’t for the clouds and rain. It was set up beautifully complete with a photo booth and a candy buffet. If anyone is interested, we have MANY awesome photos in the photo booth – so much fun!


If any of you have been following me since my wedding blog, the guy on the left should be quite familiar. That’s right, he was one of our MCs. And some exciting news, my cousin who recently had a baby (second bridesmaid from the right) recently got engaged! I think it’s amusing because shortly after our wedding, my cousin who just got married became engaged to his now wife and the trend was repeated – I wonder who will be the next to get engaged after she gets married?


After a very delicious and gluten-free friendly dinner, my cousin and his wife shared their first dance.


I’m not going to lie and say that my favourite part of wedding reception is the dance. I’m pretty disappointed when no one dances and/or the music isn’t great for dancing. Fortunately, the music for the most part was great and quite a few people wanted to dance, especially my family and some of my extended family as well! We all took turns dancing with my cousin Mark (who is so awesome, for the record):


My parents really ripped up the dance floor. One of my aunt & uncle were quite into dancing, but that could have been because my aunt had 3 triple shots of gin in close succession.


We were quite tempted to get the DJ to play this song like we danced at my wedding, but my brother left his MP3 player at the hotel and we decided that it wasn’t our wedding to dance-crash like we did at ours  just over a year ago:

I wish I had a few more photos of us dancing, but I was too busy dancing to take any! Oddly enough, the photographer took many pictures of my sister and I dancing (it was slightly creepy yet entertaining), so if I ever get my hands on them I will happily show them off.

I’m so glad that we were able to go out and celebrate with my family. Congratulations Paul & Amanda!


What is your favourite part of weddings?


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Saturday`s Wedding

Thanks to all of you who helped me decide what to wear to the wedding on Saturday. Since it was ridiculously hot (33C – 91F), I wore my white and black swirl dress. Poor Mr. Bean in his suit.


One of my favourite parts of the wedding was when the groomsmen took their swords and created a salute bridge (what is the proper term for this?) It was very appropriate as both of them go to various parks throughout the city and sword fight.


Their flower girl stole the show. She is so cute!


They had a very beautiful cake – is it bad that when I saw it the first thing I thought was “I could have made that!”


Here is my favourite photo of the evening – it wasn’t intentional but somehow it worked out really well.


It’s interesting going to a wedding as a married person – instead of being “Oh! I want that in my wedding” or “Oh, I’m going to not do that,” etc. (the story of my life last year – when went to a ridiculously large amount of weddings before ours last summer) I feel like I can enjoy what it happening without feeling competitive.

Been to any weddings lately?


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