Slides and Swings SOOC

I really had some fun with this week’s Good to Wow Shoot and Edit. Not that it takes much at all for me to grab my tripod and head out to the park by my house at dusk, but that’s beside the point. 🙂

Where is your “go to” place to take photos?


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6 responses to “Slides and Swings SOOC

  1. There’s something really interesting about these shots with the lighting. Don’t brighten them because I feel like you’ll lose the mood. Love that.

  2. That lighting is fascinating. I love the shot looking down from the top of the slide. I like taking pictures of things on my coffee table because it’s solid black and usually the lighting is pretty good in the living room.

  3. I almost feel like I’m there — I can feel the peacefulness, hear the evening frogs and crickets singing, feel the humidity (bearable) in the cooler breeze. 🙂 Wonderful!

  4. Great set! Love the mood and the lighting, especially in the first shot!

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