Shoot and Edit: Slides and Swings Edits

I’m finding that I appreciate the sun and blue sky so much more after it rains for extended periods of time. So, I’m definitely glad that I the photos at the park when I did – we’ve had a lot of rain since. (For the record, yes, I am a pansy when it comes to rain. I can deal with cold because usually it’s beautifully sunny in Calgary and showers as I know they are going to stop, but not non-stop rain. It’s a good thing that I don’t live on the coast!)

Anyways, here are my edits of the photos – I kind of went a bit crazy and did a whole bunch of different things. Let’s say that I really like playing around with blending modes in photoshop! Be sure to check out all the other edits at Ashley’s Blog!

The above photo I tried to play around with the dodging and burning tutorial Ashley talked about. Not that it’s super noticeable because of all the other stuff I did to it, but it’s all good. 🙂

Do you like rain?


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14 responses to “Shoot and Edit: Slides and Swings Edits

  1. Great edits! Seriously impressive. I particularly love the second edit of the first photo!

  2. I’ve never seen that park look so good! It’s fun seeing the places around us through your camera.

    • Thank you! I think anything can look pretty cool given the right situation and that park is the closest more interesting thing to take pictures of or in. 🙂

  3. I am really loving the tones you were able to bring out in your edits. They look fabulous!

    • Thank you! I am pretty impressed with them too – it’s because most of the ambient light was from street lights, so the WB on my camera thought it was more blue than it actually was in the SOOC.

  4. Michelle

    I’d take rain over snow and -30, but when June in Calgary feels like November in Victoria…not my favourite thing at all! 😛

    • I’ll take very periodi rain showers over minus 30, but if it’s continually pouring rain, then I’ll definitely take -30 and sun. 🙂

  5. The second edit of the first photo is AWESOME! 😀 Love.

  6. Very nice edits. I love the warmer tones despite such dark photos. Very nice. The edited shot looking down the slide is lovely. What did you do to make it look like it was lit underneath?

    • Thank you! It looks like that because I used a long exposure to gather as much light as possible, so it’s actually the light from the streetlights being reflected off the slide and rocks. 🙂

  7. Your edits are fabulous! I love the second edit of the first photo. Looks like a painting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Your totally in your photo element with night shots… love it. These edits are fabulous!!

  9. Awesome edit. I love it.

  10. Your edits turned out so great!!

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