101 in 1001

Start Date: May 16th, 2009

End Date: February 11th, 2012

Update: January 1, 2011
Update 2: February 13, 2011


1. Make a Tiered Cake Finished June 2009 in the Wilton 3 class.

2. Complete all four Wilton Cake Decorating Classes (4/4) Finished July 2009.

3. Create my own cake recipe from scratch that my whole family can eat

4. Create a mini recipe book of my favourite recipes using photo in press. I made a mini recipe book for my grandpa, who is a celiac for Christmas 2009 using Staples printing centre. I want to make another actually using photo-in-press or blurb.

5. Make a complete meal from my Cretan Cookbook

6. Get a light to help take food photos at night with

7. Learn how to use my dSLR camera completely on manual Proficient by October 2010.

8. Print and hang one of my photos November 2010 –  Some of my photos are hanging in our bedroom.

9. Do a photoshoot with someone (bridal, wedding, family, etc.) August 2010 – took photos of a vow renewal at my parent’s church.

10.  Arrange a bouquet of flowers and give it to someone


11.  Clean and sort storage under the stairs Completed October 2010.

12.  Buy new shelves for our office Completed July 2010, courtesy of IKEA. Pictures to come.

13.  Keep clothes off the floor of my closet for a month (0/30)

14.  Donate a bag of clothes to Goodwill once a year (2/3) Donated one bag in August 2009 and another in July 2010.

15.  Vacuum once a week (0/143) (4/58) I am restarting this on January 1, 2011 as I have not kept track.

16.  Decorate our living room

17.  Re-grout bathtub Mr. Bean did this sometime Spring 2010.

18.  Dust once a month (0/32) (1/13) See 15 above.

19.  Keep my plant alive for at least a year (0/365) Grow Herbs/Plants on my deck and keep them alive all summer

20.  Buy a chair for our living room


21.  Keep weight under 163 lbs. I have for the most part up until now.

22.  Get my food allergies/intolerances retested

23.  Do a cleanse I bought a week long herbal cleanse thing only to realize that it has licorice root in it, something that I am allergic to. I am going to consider my Daniel Fast as a Cleanse as it essentially was that. Completed February 2011.

24.  Stop having to take medication (0/2) One of my medications is starting to be reduced in January 2011.

25.  Get my eyes retested

26.  Get a physical Completed June 2010.

27.  Get a massage

28.  Get a facial

29.  Take my vitamins everyday for a month (31/31) Completed January 2011.

30.  Be a vegetarian for a week I went vegan for three weeks during my Daniel Fast. Completed February 2011.

Physical Activity

31.  Replace bike tires

32.  Participate in a bike race

33.  Go cross country skiing Completed December 2009.

34.  Teach Mr. Bean how to play golf We did do some golfing in Radium Hot Springs in May 2009 and on Vancouver Island in June/July 2009.

35.  Golf at least twice a year (3/6) We went twice in 2009 and once in 2010.

36.  Go hiking at least 3 times a year (3/8) I’ve gone hiking with Mr. Bean to the Ink Pots in July 2010, up the Stanley Glacier Trail with my sister in July 2010, went on a backpacking trip with my mum in August 2010.

37.  Attend a Calgary Flames Game (not in the nose bleed section)

38.  Take Social 2 and 3 ballroom dance lessons (We took Social 2 this last year. It is debatable whether or not we will go to Social 3 as the instructor kind of took the fun out of it.) Continue to take social dance lessons year round (4/7)

39.  Swim 40 laps Completed September 2009.

40.  Do 50 pushups in a row I can do 50 pushups, but not in a row. I can do two sets of 20 and a set of 10. I’m working on it.


41.  Finish counselling

42.  Read my bible everyday for a year (0/365) I’m getting there – I am doing daily devotionals almost everyday.

43.  Take a day to relax four times a year (1/11) I took a lazy day with Mr. Bean February 12, 2011.

44.  Meditate every day for a month (0/30)

45.  Share the Gospel with someone Done at CUPS January 2011.

46.  Be brave and give a testimony at church I’ve done it twice! Once in August 2009, and once in June 2010.

47.  Start a prayer journal and write in it for a month (0/30)

48.  Write a devotional

49.  Attend a prayer vigil Completed August 2010 in the 21 Days of Prayer.

50.  Read 5 Christian books (1/5) The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith


51.  Have a date night every month (17/32)

52.  Have lunch/coffee with my best friend at least once a month (12/32) Honestly, I haven’t been keeping track. I think we’ve met every month accept May and July 2010.

53.  Host a dinner party Completed June 2010 – We had some friends over for dinner for Mr. Bean’s Birthday.

54.  Throw a birthday party for someone Completed June 2010 – see number 53.

55.  Write a letter and send a CD of photos to my Russian pen-pal I haven’t, but I did connect with her on facebook, which is essentially the same thing. 😛

56.  Have a girls night out every second month (5/16) This hasn’t happened as much as I was hoping. We did go out clubbing 4 times and had a girly movie night.

57.  <private>

58.  Invite both sets of parents over for dinner (0/2)

59.  Watch 10 of Mr. Bean’s favourite movies (6/10) 1. Transformers (1984), 2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 3. Blazing Saddles, 4. Young Frankenstein, 5. Batman Begins, 6. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 7. Star Wars Episodes 3-6, 8. Robin Hood Men in Tights, 9. Logan’s Run, 10. Tron.

60. Write a letter every 2 months to our sponsor child (8/16) I am trying to remember to write to her more often.


61.  Complete my Chemical Engineering degree Completed April 2010.

62.  Join Apegga I joined applied to join Apegga as an EIT at my iron ring ceremony and was accepted after my convocation.

63.  Update my resume yearly (2/3)

64.  Attend a one-on-one resume writing session September 2010.

65.  Take a career aptitude test


66.  Put 10% of income into savings (19/32)

67.  Open an RRSP

68.  Tithe 10% of income (19/32)

69.  Create a budget and follow it for at least a month (0/30)

70.  Spreadsheet expenses like Mr. Bean for a month (0/30)

71.  Join bank accounts with Mr. Bean

72.  See a financial planner

73.  Open a safety deposit box


74.  Write a will Completed February 2010.

75.  Change my name on my passport Completed February 2010.

76.  Something exciting that is yet to be determined

77.  Not get pregnant (note: I do want to have kids, just not in the next 1001 days)

78.  Get my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together Completed January 2011.


79.  Visit my German exchange partner Completed May 2010.

80.  Go on a “minimoon” with Mr. Bean

81.  Go on a camping trip

82.  Visit Mr. Bean’s family back east Completed August 2010.

83.  Go somewhere in Alberta I’ve never been to before Completed August 2010.

84.  Go somewhere in Canada I’ve never been to before Completed August 2010.


85.  Volunteer outside of church 4 times a year (8/12) I volunteered a lot in 2010: I have helped in ENGG Week, at the career fair, and at CUPS a few times a week since November 2010.

86.  Invite bible study group over for dinner

87.  Volunteer at Inn from the Cold

88.  Volunteer at a stampede breakfast Completed July 2009.

89.  Donate $100 of supplies to CUPS


90.  Attend a Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra symphony

91.  Attend a wine tour

92.  Buy 10 classical music CDs and listen to them (7/10) I am now the proud owner of 5 CDs that contain all of Beethoven’s Symphonies and 2 CDs with Mozart’s “greatest hits” on them. Mr. Bean can attest that I really enjoy all of them!

93.  Visit a museum I’ve never been to The motor museum in Motala, Sweden in May 2010.

94.  Watch ten international films (0/10)

95.  Go to ten restaurants I’ve never been to before. 1. The Belgo in Downtown Calgary, 2. Una Pizzeria in Calgary (with delicious gluten free pizza), 3. The Bella Notta in Motala, 4. The Smaka in Gothenburg, 5. Dom Trappulen in Uppsala, 6. & 7. Two Restaurants in Fussen that I don’t remember what they are called, 8. The Restaurant at the Steigenberger Hotel in Frankfurt 9. Melissa’s MisSteak in Banff 10. Brewsters in Calgary

96.  See a play/musical

97.  Read 10 books (4/10) 1. Healing the Shame that Binds You, 2. The Boundaries Book, 3. Sarah’s Key 4. Pride and Prejudiced

98.  Spend an afternoon in a coffee shop


99.  Redesign my blog appearance. Completed October 2010.

100. Read a textbook or scientific journal for fun

101. Learn how to use CAD or a similar design program

Completed 39/101 by February 13, 2011

14 responses to “101 in 1001

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  2. Brit

    Wow Impressive!! I’m sure you can do them all!! I should also make such a list, but I doubt there’s even that many things I could come up with, so well done!

  3. Rae

    I like it! I hope that you blog about a lot of these. I am especially interested in what sort of cleanse you do and what prayer vigils are like in your church (or whatever group has it).

  4. Great list! Some of them are similar to mine. Keep us updated as you make progress!

  5. tarasg

    I love your list! I like #51. I should start a date night with my husband. I’m adding your list to my fellow 101 links page if that’s alright.

    Good luck!


  6. TammyJaneen

    Hey Bean!
    Wonderful list!!
    For the photo flash of food at night, you should check out one of these :: http://vistek.ca/store/CameraMountedFlash/233042/gary-fong-puffer-popup-flash-diffuser.aspx :: I know people that use and love them, and got to play with one myself once! Did wonders for that “blowing out candles on the birthday cake in the dark” shot!
    – Tamsbottom

  7. Chère

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m also doing the 101/1001…your list is great!

  8. taraSG

    Looking for a community of fellow 101 list makers? Look no further than the Day Zero List Makers (http://www.dayzero.ning.com). We are hoping that you will join us in this 101 in 1001 community. Share your goals, meet other day zero project participants, and offer support/encouragement/general thoughts and ideas through the forums. You can also start or join a group, upload photos or videos, and participate in our (monthly?) blog award contest.

    Please join us!

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  10. I love your list! I have one of my own, but I didn’t give myself a finish time on anything. 🙂


  11. I found your blog through the Canadian bloggers group at gluten free bloggers. I love this idea and I might just steal it from you. Good luck on your list!

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  13. Oh my! I love your list. What a great idea. I’m inspired!

  14. Love this list! I have a categorized bucket list too, but not nearly this expansive.

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