Roughriders Cake

Polka Dot Cake

Wilton Courses

Course 1: Class 1

Course 1: Rainbow Cake

Course 1: Clown Cake

Course 1: Rose Cake

Course 2: Class 1

Course 2: Class 2

Course 2: Class 3

Course 2: Finale Cake

Course 3: Class 1

Course 3: Present Cake

Course 3: Class 3

Course 3: Wedding Cake

Fondant and Gum Paste: Bow and Drape Cake

Fondant and Gum Paste: Course 3

Fondant and Gum Paste: Daisy Cake

Post Wilton

Cake for Elina

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Mr. Bean’s Birthday Cake

Heather’s Convocation Cake

Malachi’s Baby Shower Cake

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake


Fondant Roses

If you have any questions about any of the cakes, feel free to contact me at bean(dot)plant(at)hotmail(dot)com

4 responses to “Cakes

  1. candace simmons

    I am really glad you posted all the classes…i was debating on taking the classes at Michael’s. I don’t really think i will now.

    From Jane’s Oven

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