Just When We Hoped Winter was Over…

Dear Winter & Snow,

Usually I’m pretty lenient towards you as I actually like pristine white snow covering the ground and winter sports, but I’m kind of annoyed at you. Generally by the end of March you usually stay for a day or two and I’m okay with that, but you’ve been here for a lot more than that.

I guess the only thing that I can’t complain about it how you covered the trees with ice and frost – usually it melts throughout the day, but since it just keeps on snowing, it hasn’t had the chance to yet.

I guess I also can’t complain that it is snowing and -20C or less. Thank you for that.

Another complaint I have against you is that you made me late for church this morning as I forgot that you had deposited 3″ of snow  plus some ice on my car that I had brush and scrape off.

My final wish is this: can you please let spring know that it’s more than welcome to come any time now?

Thank you,


P.S. The first photo of the pine tree is my entry for this week’s “Green” Shoot and Edit Challenge.



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20 responses to “Just When We Hoped Winter was Over…

  1. Hahahhaa… I have no words! =p

    I have never experienced snow in my life so having some ice falling on my rooftop would bring me great smile =p


  2. beautiful shot! and such witty writing, can I add my signature and turn it into a petition?? I’ve been thinking the same thing 🙂

  3. Well, the snow may be cold, but it did give you some lovely photos! I love the green peeking out from the snow.

  4. Your pictures make me miss the snow! 😀

  5. La.

    SO TRUE! It was snowing this morning and I was like REALLY? REALLY? I mean come on. I’m enjoying it though. But, I’m excited for Spring jackets and capris!

  6. Those are so pretty! I wouldn’t be so annoyed with our snow and cold if it was that pretty. 😀

    • Yeah, it was especially pretty this time. Now the sun has come out so none of the neat frost is left, but just lots of snow, ice and melting stuff. The welcoming shower has returned to my front porch with so much snow melting off the roofs and the drain pipes being full.

  7. These are already so beautiful SOOC. I’m looking forward to your edit.

  8. oh HUGS! we had snow again this weekend for a day and i almost cried! great SOOC shots!

  9. Tara

    So pretty, love the first capture! Can’t wait to see the edits!

  10. Totally agree with that! 🙂 …but good for you getting out and capturing the cold beauty before it packs up for the season.

  11. We set a record for rain here this month and I have been so longing for spring…but even in the depth of my longing I had a lot of gladness that I didn’t still live in the midwest where it can just decide to snow on you out of nowhere 🙂
    (lovely photos by the way!)

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