Good to Wow Week 21: Looking Up (and Down) SOOC

This week’s Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit theme is Looking Up. I am so happy that it’s stopped raining for the sun to come out. It was definitely missed last week!

Speaking of rain, it’s time to do a bit of looking down. This weekend we went out to my parent’s cabin to burn some stuff now that the fire ban is over and to see how flooded the basement was.

The waters reached up to two feet on Friday or Saturday, but went down to 6 inches by the time we got there on Sunday afternoon. Before anyone freaks out – the basement is unfinished and has lasted through floods before (note the insulation missing from the bottom – that’s from the flood in 2005) and the only thing that got damaged were some boxes of my sister’s stuff that she forgot to take upstairs. Thankfully they were rescued when there was only a few inches of water, so we only had to dry out a couple boxes of books.

I’m not posting this for sympathy as everything is quite alright and that sympathy should be forwarded to people dealing with tornadoes, fires and actual floods. Please take this as a word of caution about buying a house built on a flood plain even if there is a good dike!

The river itself is in flood, but had already dropped a couple feet:

Of course, what’s a trip down to the river without throwing a few rocks?

Now it’s time to wait for the next flood – this one was due to all the rain we’ve been getting, but there’s still a ton of snow that hasn’t melted yet so we’re not holding our breath.

What are you looking up or down to?




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14 responses to “Good to Wow Week 21: Looking Up (and Down) SOOC

  1. Love that looking up shot!!

  2. Flood water is never cool – it hit my hometown about 10-11 years ago and the water rose 8 ft high. Crazy. So glad you got some beautiful skies.

    • Wow. 8 ft is a lot! I don’t know how high the river got to with this flood, but I know a few years ago it almost flowed over the dike! (Which is probably a good 10 – 15 ft or so high.)

  3. I’m so thankful you and your stuff are all safe. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine too! Lovely looking up shot!

  4. I forgot to mention – we have more than photography in common. Our family is vegan and GF. I am hosting a 30 day cleanse on my health blog. Feel free to join in or just check it out 😀

  5. Love that sun flare and how it streaks all the way from the top of the picture to the bottom through more trees; very, very pretty.

    I grew up in a flood plain–our rambler flooded every flood season until I was 15 and we elevated the house. Now it is just the garage that floods, but I know what a mess flood waters can leave.

    I did not notice before you mentioned it, but yes, I zoomed in and there is a doll strapped to the kite. It has a flying helmet and cape on, too. Crazy!

  6. Your SOOC shot is spectacular! So glad you are safe after the flooding. I’m sure it is a pain cleaning up after that though. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Yeah, my mum said that she’s going to wait to see if there is going to be a second flood before doing the majority of the cleanup. I’m hoping there won’t be, but I think it’s better to wait and see instead of cleaning up twice!

  7. Great looking up shot. So sorry about the flooding. That stinks.

  8. WOW- that is a lot of water. Holy Smokes!!!

    I love your pine trees! They are just gorgeous against that blue sky & puffy clouds.

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