Summer Fun: Swimming in the River

5 pm

Ah… Summer. One of my favourite things about summer is swimming. I LOVE water and I’ve always been a water baby. So much so that I’ve gone swimming in alpine lakes and glacier fed rivers like the one at my parent’s cabin. Luckily it’s been super hot over the last two days, so swimming in a cold river is more of a treat that anything. (Who am I kidding? I’d probably be in the water as long as it was above 15C and not raining.)

8 pm

Our usual “swimming hole” is a whirlpool deep enough that you can’t touch the bottom. Yesterday, I went swimming by myself while my mom did a bit of work. Unsurprisingly, she had to come and tell me to stop when was time to head back into town. I was having too much fun!

Who knew my leg went that high while I dived?

Tonight, Mr. Bean and I headed out there for dinner and to cool down. However, our plans to be cooled down by swimming were foiled as a thunderstorm came through and did it for us. Being me, I was still determined to go swimming despite it being cooler and much later in the day, so understandably our swimming was much shorter than the day before!

I’ve been on a bit of a panorama kick lately, so I couldn’t resist making one of our swimming spot. I really like it, but I’m curious to see if anyone can spot evidence that the panorama is a composite.

Click for Larger Image

What is one of your favourite things about summer?

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16 responses to “Summer Fun: Swimming in the River

  1. TBM

    I wish I had a place like that here to go swimming!

  2. How fun! And I love your panorama shot.

  3. Oh my! I’m shivering just thinking about it! Great shots and beautiful location!

  4. What a great swimming hole!

  5. WOW- those are beautiful- That water doesn’t look that deep- I was surprised to see you diving.

  6. 5kidswdisabilities

    Beautiful pictures. It reminds me of when we used to go camping next to the river when I was a child.

  7. Rae

    Your pictures are so beautiful (as are you!) that it makes me want to move to Canada (or at least Montana) right now! I’m not photo savvy enough to spot the panorama compost evidence… does it have something to do with the color of the trees, or the water, or the light in general? See, I told you I wasn’t savvy enough to figure it out!

    • You should at least come and visit! 🙂
      It does have something to do with the lighting – there are multiple sun flares in different directions, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t normally happen.

  8. Gorgeous photos! You are lucky to have a place like that so close. My favorite thing about summer is that I get to spend real-quality-play time w/ my kids.

  9. Looks like an absolutely gorgeous place! Looking forward to your edits. These are great!

  10. These are so great! What a beautiful place to be able to swim! Love the panorama shot!

  11. One of my favorite things during summer is definitely swimming! Where I live now (and where I grew up), it’s summer almost all year long!!

    I love your picture diving haha…

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  13. I too love the panoramic shot! Makes me miss Calgary and the foot hills 🙂

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