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Weekend Biking Trip

Our bike trip this weekend was wonderful. Despite a very sore bum and a bit of snow in one of the passes, our bike trip was a success – except for poor Mr. Bean who found out the hard way that his bike was too small for him and was only able to ride the first day.

Seriously, if you ever have a chance to go up the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper, do it! It is so amazingly scenic and breathtaking. You climb over two passes – Bow Summit (2070 m) and Sunwapta Pass (2030m), go through river valleys, by lakes, by huge cliffs, see some amazing vistas and there are some crazy climbs (about 500 m in ~15km up to Sunwapta Pass). It was hard work, but totally worth it!

Mr. Bean and I at Bow Lake

Since Mr. Bean was unable to bike on the second day, I gave him my camera to play around with while he waited for us and so he could play paparazzi. He took quite a few beautiful photos, which you will see below. I’m really happy that he did that so I could focus on biking and taking in the scenery instead of stopping to take photos every few minutes. My only regret is that I saw a bear but didn’t have a camera to take its photo. On hindsight, it’s probably for the best as getting too close to animals, especially bears,  is NOT a good idea!

The North Saskatchewan River

I wouldn’t say that we had beautiful weather as we did have some snow at one of the summits and it was cold and windy for a lot of the time, but we did have some periods of sun during a few of our breaks and when we finally made it to the Columbia Icefields.  I guess one bonus about cooler weather is that it encourages you to bike faster so you can stay warm!

One thing I love about being in the mountains is the colour of the water. There’s nothing quite like the blue-green from glacier silt, especially compared to brown water (ick.)

I had some fun making animated gifs of us biking, using the instructions Elena gave for this week’s Selfie Saturday tutorial. They’re not self portraits, but they are a great way to show movement!

Here I come up the biggest hill. I’m about 2/3 – 3/4 of the way up. In the later slides you can see my brother – he stopped and then ran to meet us and give us high fives. I told him that he could probably walk up the hill faster than I could bike, but I was determined to do the entire thing on my bike. For part of the hill, the wind was behind us, but once we turned the corner, there was a HUGE headwind that made it so much harder. Only my brother, the champion, was able to make it up the hill in gears higher than 1, 1. (The easiest setting on the bike.)

Snow Covered Parker's Ridge

Here we are almost at Sunwapta Pass. Right before this, there was a small stretch of downhill, where I thought to myself: “Downhill? What is this strange phenomenon?”

Columbia Icefields

When we finally made it to the Columbia Icefields, I was so happy! Not only had we all biked 125 km, it was sunny and I didn’t have to sit on a bike anymore! We all were especially impressed that it was sunny (with no wind!) as usually it’s at least 10C colder than the rest of the parkway with a howling wind. Funny how that works!

I definitely enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to the next bike trip that comes my way (hopefully soon!) Now it’s time to find Mr. Bean a new bike so that he will be as excited as I am about future biking trips!

Have you ever gone on a bike trip?

All the photos (except the GIFs) are SOOCs – not quite sunrise themed for this week’s Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit, but pretty nonetheless!



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Wilton III, Graupel and Coconut Ice Cream

My mind is somewhat kaput currently, but I want to share the three most pressing items on my mind:

  1. Wilton: Today was my first Wilton course 3 class. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures as it was mostly practising various techniques and learning a few new borders/garlands. We also learned how to make the base for the fondant rose – I have to make 40 of them by next week.

    Next week we’re making the “present” cake with fondant – my first “proper” fondant cake!

  2. Graupel: As I was biking home this evening, I was graupelled upon. It was cold, wet and not recommended.
  3. Coconut Ice Cream: On the weekend I picked up some coconut ice cream from our local health food store. This stuff is true to its name: it so SO DELICIOUS. Even if you can have dairy, you should try it. I am currently modelling “cookie dough” – it is gluten and lactose free. 🙂


What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the last few days?


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Irony at its Wettest

This is what the radar looks like today:


…and I rode my bike but forgot my rain jacket. It’s going to be a fun ride home!

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Biking Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day that I am going to bike to work since last November.(!!!) It’ll be quite a change from biking in the dark now that the sun rises at about 6:30am.

My trek is fairly long, especially if there is a headwind. Want to know what it looks like? This is the paint version:

map-to-workIt’s not actually as twisty as that, I just didn’t feel like to changing the settings in paint. The blue thing is the bow river. There is an elevation difference of at least 50 metres, so it’ll be fun times getting home.

I really like my bike. We’ve been through a lot together. It’s pretty:




With all the cakes I’ve been making lately, it’s a good thing that I am starting biking now!

How do you get to work?


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