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Flood Time!

The last two and a half weeks have been whirlwind of craziness – it appears that we had our 100 year flood in Southern Alberta. Fortunately, Mr. Bean and I are safe and our house is fine, but that’s not the case for many, many people in Calgary, High River, Canmore, Exshaw, and many other places, including my parent’s cabin.


Flood by the Cabin – June 20, 2013

I don’t know if you remember, but a few years ago I posted a photo of from where the flood waters had been in the cabin a few years ago. Here’s the photo showing how high the water had gotten:

Cabin-2If we thought that was bad, it was nothing compared to what happened. Nothing. 2 feet of clean water in the basement? Nothing. Picture the dyke breaking, causing a 3 – 4 foot river to go right past the cabin, with 8 feet of muddy water to fill the basement.

Want to see what it looked like?

We’re one of the lucky ones as the cabin is still standing, unlike two of the neighbour’s houses – one got washed away entirely and the river eroded away at the house’s foundation until it finally collapsed.


Toward the Cabin


Toward the houses that were washed away.

We’re also incredibly lucky as the waters didn’t hit the main floor. By the grace of God, the ghost river upstream self diverted, meaning that most of the flow did not go by the cabin, so we weren’t part of the list of people whose places were washed away.

Here’s the aftermath damage photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have also been lucky that we’ve had the help of many volunteers, the MD and the forestry guys – without them, everything would be covered in feet of mud, tons of trees and look like multiple bombs went off.

And here’s after two steady weeks of work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I mentioned, we weren’t the only people affected. Calgary wasn’t undamaged – I’m still not able to go back to my office building as it flooded and power has yet to be restored. Hundreds of people are still unable to get back into their homes. Here’s a view of the Bow River in Calgary.


View towards Bowness in Calgary June 21, 2013

The worst may be over, but there is still lots of work to be done. We are lucky that we are safe and not missing a primary place of residence – please pray for all the people in Southern Alberta who have been affected by this flood!

I hope you all are staying safe!


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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

As a way to share some of my photos from our Canada Day weekend at the cabin, I thought I would participate in this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Fortunately the prompts fit my pictures very well with a bit of creativity. 🙂

1. Water

2. Petal

3. Fresh

4. Eight

5. Calm

How did your weekend go?


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Canada Day Cook Out

Happy Belated Canada Day to you Canadians and Happy Fourth of July for all of you Americans! I hope that you enjoyed/will enjoy your respective holiday with friends, family and food! I know I did!

Mr. Bean and I were lucky enough to spend most of our long weekend out at my family’s cabin. We enjoyed good company, great food and excellent weather. The only thing that was too bad that the river was too high and dirty to go swimming in.

Recently, my parents added a “social fire pit,” and Mr. Bean has definitely enjoyed it – his favourite things lately are chopping wood, making fire, cooking food on the fire and drinking beer by the fire. Lucky for us, he was able to do this practically the whole weekend!

We decided to make ourselves a fancier dinner over the fire for Canada Day. On the menu – steak (for Mr. Bean) and chicken (for me) cooked over the fire in Mr. Bean’s grilling basket, cornbread muffins (made in the oven), salad and asparagus. If you don’t have a fire or don’t feel like using your oven, you can easily make the meat and the cornbread in your BBQ.

For dessert, we finished it off with s’mores (complete with gluten-free graham-like crackers!), which I forgot to take photos of. Probably for the better as my camera would be a sticky mess!

I hope this shows that a beautiful and delicious meal doesn’t have to be difficult and provides some inspiration for you 4th of July procrastinators or anyone desirous of a wonderful, easy summer meal. Enjoy!

What did you do this year for Canada Day or for the 4th of July?


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River Edits and Random Brain Dump

1. Mr. Bean and I went and saw Harry Potter tonight and it was great! Two things: Neville Longbottom is all kinds of epic and Snape’s flashbacks make me cry. I guess a third thing too: Snape is one of my favourite characters because he can be so hilarious and I somehow always end up liking the characters who are good the whole time without people realizing it and who make sacrifices for other people.

Motion for the Crazy Days of Summer

2. I planned a nice date night for us last night and it included ordering pizza from a new pizza joint that supposedly had gluten free pizza available. (I was quite excited to get the little brochure guy in the mail and see that they had GF stuff!) Naive me assumed that since they had GF pizza crusts that the ingredients that they put on them would be GF as well. WRONG. I ate the pizza and it didn’t taste good, but silly me completely ignored the symptoms. I wondered why I felt terrible and tetchy (and poor Mr. Bean had to deal with me!) I finally called the place this afternoon to ask whether the meat they put on the pizza was GF or not and it turns out it wasn’t. (Unsurprise!) I kindly explained that I had a reaction to it and that I wanted them to know as some people react more severely to gluten and they could get extremely ill and/or potentially die so could you please do something about it. At least she was very apologetic!

I guess it shows that while people are jumping on the GF wagon, they still have no idea why people are GF and what’s involved. It’s not just a fad! Please learn from me and ask about everything that goes into your food so that the legions of the brain dead won’t make you sick!

If you live in Calgary, don’t order GF pizza from Olive Grove pizzeria in Stadium shopping centre in the NW as they apparently have no idea what they are doing. According to Mr. Bean the gluten-tastic pizza wasn’t that great either.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli3. I’m really glad that Mr. Bean and I went out swimming earlier this week as it was a balmy 12C here yesterday. Needless to say I didn’t do much outside.

4. My mom left to go work in the field for a few weeks and now my dad has been calling me to chat more frequently. I think it’s kind of cute. Apparently their dog is a mountain dog – she went on a 15km hike with a very large elevation gain with my dad. I’m hoping to get some of the pictures of her on the ridge as they are probably quite awesome!

What’s on your mind?

The above photos are my edits from this week’s Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit Summer theme. You can see my SOOCs here and the rest of the edits over on Ashley’s blog.


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Summer Fun: Swimming in the River

5 pm

Ah… Summer. One of my favourite things about summer is swimming. I LOVE water and I’ve always been a water baby. So much so that I’ve gone swimming in alpine lakes and glacier fed rivers like the one at my parent’s cabin. Luckily it’s been super hot over the last two days, so swimming in a cold river is more of a treat that anything. (Who am I kidding? I’d probably be in the water as long as it was above 15C and not raining.)

8 pm

Our usual “swimming hole” is a whirlpool deep enough that you can’t touch the bottom. Yesterday, I went swimming by myself while my mom did a bit of work. Unsurprisingly, she had to come and tell me to stop when was time to head back into town. I was having too much fun!

Who knew my leg went that high while I dived?

Tonight, Mr. Bean and I headed out there for dinner and to cool down. However, our plans to be cooled down by swimming were foiled as a thunderstorm came through and did it for us. Being me, I was still determined to go swimming despite it being cooler and much later in the day, so understandably our swimming was much shorter than the day before!

I’ve been on a bit of a panorama kick lately, so I couldn’t resist making one of our swimming spot. I really like it, but I’m curious to see if anyone can spot evidence that the panorama is a composite.

Click for Larger Image

What is one of your favourite things about summer?

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