Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste: Class 3

It’s a weird feeling knowing that I only have one class left of all the Wilton cake decorating classes. At least I know that I am now capable of making many, many types of flowers. Including the ones I made last night including carnations, daisies and “fantasy flowers”:





Next week is my last course and my last cake – I am going to miss them. Would you ever take a cake decorating class?

P.S. Apparently my gum paste worked well enough to make these flowers, even though they did take longer than normal to dry.


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7 responses to “Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste: Class 3

  1. Tammy

    Hi Bean!

    It’s really awesome that you’ve enjoyed your class so much — I do know from experience how much you love to bake!! I think your creations are wonderful too! You are very talented!

    To answer your question: I think I would take a cake decorating class maybe. As creative as I am, my cake decorating skills are atrocious! Atrocious enough to even go on Cake Wrecks, methinks.

    Blessings to you!
    – Tams

  2. Chère

    Those flowers are impressive! I would totally take a cake decorating class, if I ever have the time! There was a cake decorating section in one of the cooking classes I took in high school and I loved it.

    • That is so cool that there was a cake decorating part of a high school cooking class! I have to admit that I am jealous as all I did my my token high school cooking class was do a report on asparagus and make a whole bunch of things I couldn’t eat.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful! I’d love to take a cake decorating class. I think I’d rock at it. But the last thing I need is an excuse to have cake. 😛

    Thanks for stopping by, I’m in Medicine Hat.

  4. tattooeddork

    Wow, you are really good. Those flowers look amazing. I envy people who can bake. I can barely make cookies from store bought cookie dough!

  5. Wow, you did an incredible job with that carnation!

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