Wilton III, Graupel and Coconut Ice Cream

My mind is somewhat kaput currently, but I want to share the three most pressing items on my mind:

  1. Wilton: Today was my first Wilton course 3 class. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures as it was mostly practising various techniques and learning a few new borders/garlands. We also learned how to make the base for the fondant rose – I have to make 40 of them by next week.

    Next week we’re making the “present” cake with fondant – my first “proper” fondant cake!

  2. Graupel: As I was biking home this evening, I was graupelled upon. It was cold, wet and not recommended.
  3. Coconut Ice Cream: On the weekend I picked up some coconut ice cream from our local health food store. This stuff is true to its name: it so SO DELICIOUS. Even if you can have dairy, you should try it. I am currently modelling “cookie dough” – it is gluten and lactose free. 🙂


What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the last few days?


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6 responses to “Wilton III, Graupel and Coconut Ice Cream

  1. I love coconut ice cream!!! but i can’t stop eating the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies my husband baked!!

  2. zoliepup

    I don’t know why, but I love graupel. I love stomping around in it, but not necessarily riding a bike through it. Most people in the US don’t even know what it is, but leave it to the Canadian to bust out the extensive snow knowledge! (I only knew because I lived in Tahoe).

  3. Around here, the same brand of ice non-cream is called SOY DELICIOUS, but I absolutely agree that it is “so” delicious! I’m jealous that you have cookie dough — we don’t have that — but I do like the cookies and cream. Not that I ever did much before, but I don’t think I’ll buy ice cream ever again.

  4. I’m stopping by form SITS and wanted to say hi! I’ve been able to eat lots of ice cream lately thanks to dentist orders (crazy I know!!) That’s so cool that you will be making a fondant cake next week!

  5. Rae

    I have never had coconut ice cream of any sort. But I’ll start keeping an eye out for it.

    The best thing that I’ve eaten in the past few days was a lentil wrap. Sounds odd, but with some sweet potato and a fair bit of cumin it was so good!

  6. Amy

    mmmmm…coconut ice cream.

    I’ve haven’t had anything noteworthy as of late. 😦

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