Wilton II Class 3

In today’s class, we made more flowers with royal icing – pansies, primroses, daffodils, the Victorian rose and daisies. The flowers we made today and last class are going to go on our grand finale cake, which will be made next week.




We also found something special at Michaes to make an awesome birthday cake for Mr. Bean:


Where have you seen these before?


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6 responses to “Wilton II Class 3

  1. Beth

    I want to taste a birthday cake.

  2. I love your flowers. They’re so cool.

    But seeing the naked babies all I can think of is that Cakewrecks cake with all the naked babies riding carrots.

  3. Sabrina – you’d be happy to know that they are the SAME babies. I think it is so awesome!

  4. zoliepup

    You are getting really good!

  5. Your roses are AWESOME! Mine still need a LOT of work!

    I am so excited you’re going to make the naked babies riding carrots cake! I love cakewrecks! 🙂

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