Wilton 1 Cake 3

For our last class, we got to make our “graduation cake” – i.e. a cake with the exquisite Wilton rose on it.

First, we learned how to make the petals on the rose. I was having lots of difficulty because I forgot my spatula and all the icing consistencies were off. Thankfully, someone had corn starch to thicken it (and proceeded to liberally cover myself with it) yet I managed to add too much.

We also needed to make dried drop flowers to put on this cake. None of my drop flowers were dry, so that was a bit discouraging. I guess it is ironic that the time when you want something to dry, the weather is having its token humid week. Oh well.

Don’t be like me – remember to bring your spatulas, actually count how much water you’re sticking into your icing and leave long enough time for things to dry.

I need to learn that leaving the cake on my kitchen table = death for iced cake, so my cake has some not quite healed battle wounds.





So, this completes Wilton Course 1. I signed up for course two which starts next week, so stay tuned!


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4 responses to “Wilton 1 Cake 3

  1. I don’t know what the “exquisite” Wilson rose is SUPPOSED to look like, but I am super impressed with yours, especially considering that it is your first try! I cannot wait to see what else you learn in the second course!

  2. Can you use your rose knowledge to make other flowers that are sugary? I’m just curious if there are other Wilton signature flowers.

    It looks lovely though, very much like a rose to me and also very tasty.

  3. Your cake looks great! My “rose cake” post is still to come, but the whole class had issues with our icing consistency because it was so hot and sticky in the room. People were actually putting their icing in the freezer!

    I actually used the same color scheme as you did. Way to go, and on to course 2! 🙂

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