Wilton III: Class 3

Today, I was the only person in my class. Where the other 5 people went, I have no idea. At least it meant that I had some nice conversation with my instructor about cake decorating and things.

I got to make flowers using a lily nail – it’s like a rounded cup shape with a stick out of the bottom. I made lilies, petunias, poinsettias and morning glories. I made extra lilies so that I can put them on my finale cake*!




* I am going to be making the finale cake tomorrow as next week I’m on Vancouver Island!


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7 responses to “Wilton III: Class 3

  1. these are so good I swear I thought they were silk not fondant or whatever you used.
    very nice job deary

  2. Wow… at least your lilies look like lilies. There will be nothing but roses on my final cake!

  3. Maybe you scared everyone away with your awesome flower skills?

    That isn’t very nice, showing off in front of everyone 😉

  4. Rae

    Those really do look great! I think that they are my favorite of what I’ve seen of your work.

  5. so cute!! i wish i could bake or do anything yummy dessert related!

  6. Nice blog. It is appreciated.

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