Making Fondant Roses

For the last cake for the Wilton 3 course requires 40 fondant flowers. Since I’m making so many, I thought I would show you all how I’ve been making them. Tips on my techniques would be appreciated.

To start, add colour and 1 tsp. of gum tex to 8 oz. of fondant.

Making The Base

Take a small amount and roll it into a ball.


Using the heel of your hand, roll part of the ball until it makes a cone shape and place it on a toothpick.


Allow to dry for at least a day.

Making the Rosebud

Take a small amount of fondant and roll it out thinly enough to see the lines beneath it, about a millimetre.


Using your flower cutter (as shown), cut out as many flowers as will fit.


Place one flower cut out on a thin piece of foam and the rest underneath the plastic flap of your practise board (or under a piece of plastic wrap.


Using a knife, cut 1/2″ slits between “petals”.


Using a ball molding tool, press out the edges of the petals until thin.



Using a paint brush, paint a bit of water into the middle of the flower.


Take the base and press the tooth pick into the middle of the flower.


Picture the flower like a body – a head, two arms and two legs. Paint a bit of water on the head and fold it around the base.


Paint one “arm” and opposite leg with water and wrap them around the base.


Paint the remaining two petals and wrap around.You should get a rosebud looking thing like this:


Adding the Second Layer of Petals

Take another flower cut out and cut it and roll it out like before.


Paint a bit of water on the centre and press the toothpick through the middle like before:


Take two “arms,” paint bottom and edges with water and wrap them around the rosebud where the last layer of petals overlapped.


Paint and wrap the remaining three petals, arranging so petals are somewhat evenly spaced.


Adding the Third Layer of Petals

Cut and “flatten” out a third flower cut out. Paint the centre with water and press the toothpick through it.


Paint petals with water, turn over rose and let petals flomp.


Press petals into to place and voila, a fondant rose!


Now you can make fondant roses yourself! I hope this was helpful!


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18 responses to “Making Fondant Roses

  1. zoliepup

    That’s a lot of work for one flower!!!

  2. zoliepup

    I should have said, thanks for sharing and documenting 🙂

  3. msakelley

    That is beautiful, I am in awe! Thank you for sharing, also your visit to my blog.

  4. How cool!! I just made fondant for the first time this week…it was a very sticky experience! how do you get it to life easily after you’ve rolled it thin? mine kept on sticking to the hard surface

  5. I’ve never imagined how intricate these really are. Thanks for showing us how!!

  6. Beautiful pictures and you’ve given me a new appreciation for cake decorating. I really love watching you develop this new talent and I think you have a knack for it!

  7. Chère

    Thanks for the tutorial! Makes me want to try my hand, but that would mean I have to clean my kitchen 🙂 {I’ve been procrastinating…}

  8. thanks for showing us how! i would love to be able to try this one day!! 🙂

  9. blythewhite

    wow! it’s so beautiful!

  10. Awesome, I really want to take a fondant course now. You are a natural!

  11. Georgia

    Wow, thank you for this post. I have the fondant ready to go and will try it this weekend!

  12. Donna

    Thank you so much!! I have been struggling with roses for days and I’m hoping this will help. I am a visual person and this helps LOTS!!!

  13. dooshima

    thanks a lot its so easy. I will give it a try

  14. Jennifer

    Very Helpful. Thanks.

  15. wow! Those are so much prettier than the way I’ve been making them, I’ll have to try out this way.

  16. dilshaad

    Thanks.this was really helpful. looks simple and easy to make but gorgeous.Exactly what I was looking for!Having a prob with my fondant tho.have small portion open but it dries very quickly.maybe bcz i floured the surface.?

  17. Terra

    Thank you for sharing ….I am looking forward in trying this for my daughters birthday.

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