Happy First Anniversary to Us!

One year ago, Mr. Bean and I publicly devoted ourselves to each other and were married!


It’s been a very interesting year, with lots of ups and downs. But we made it through and they’ll be many more years to come!


When is your anniversary?

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17 responses to “Happy First Anniversary to Us!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Hope you two are doing something fun to celebrate. Beautiful wedding photos!

    My husband and I were just married on May 23rd of this year. 🙂

  2. What are y’all doing for your anniversary? Hope you enjoy it! Our first anniversary is October 3rd and I can’t wait!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Did the first year fly by for you, or is it hard to imagine it’s been a whole year?

  4. Oh happy first anniversary! That’s wonderful. We’re still going strong 15 years and 3 kids later!

  5. Congratulations. To many more.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Here’s more to come! Cheers!!!!

  7. YAY! If you made it through the first year of marriage, you can pretty much do anything in life. We celebrated 9 years last month. Gorgeous wedding pics!

  8. Happy Anniversary – what gorgeous photos. My dh and I will celebrate 10 years this coming March. Hope you do something special and romantic for your first anniversary!

  9. mub

    Happy Anniversary! Mine is December 29th =)

  10. Congrats! Jeff and I have been together for almost three years now… the time has just flown by! Marrying him was the best decision I ever made.

    Your pictures are adorable and full of personality! Sounds like you’re Gluten intolerant too. Me too. Just found out, and still learning how to cope. I’ll be back!

  11. Congrats. Did you make any fancy cakes to celebrate?

  12. Happy anniversary! Love the photos, you two look very happy.

    I was married on 7-7-07. Yep, we’re one of “those” couples. 🙂 So we just celebrated two years, time really does fly!!

  13. Happy anniversary! Popped in from SITS!

  14. Congratulations! You won the glassware giveaway on my blog! Please email me with your mailing information and I will pass it along!

  15. Kat

    Happy 1st Anniversary! And to many more enjoyable years to come! Hope you have fun celebrating!

    Our anniversary is 7.2.05, just celebrated our 4th.

  16. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

    Our second anniversary is coming up September 29th (I think 😛 … isn’t my hubby lucky to have someone who no longer cares about anniversaries too much. I mean it’s on my work calendar with a reminder, so I’m sure I’ll remember it then.)

    Did you keep and eat the top of your cake? We did, it was a little wierd but still tasted good and moist. I just couldn’t bring myself to eat too much of it.

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