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Today, I learned…

… that fire trucks don’t always take the fastest route to their destination*.

… that I could have been in/witnessed an accident if I had been a few minutes later**.

… that sometimes it’s easier to get to your destination if you start further away.

… that relationships are beautiful yet delicate things and don’t work if one person is emotionally absent.

… that fall is here with its wind and cold mornings.

… and how peanut oil diffuses from peanut butter through chocolate, according to my professor.

What did you learn today?

*As I was biking home, a fire truck passed me and took the long way around to get to the emergency at the grocery store across the street. Had it taken the shorter route, it would have arrived at the store before I did – I guess google maps doesn’t always give the best instructions.
**I had to quickly ride home today at lunch to grab something I forgot. When I was riding back to the uni, an accident had happened in the intersection that I went through maybe 5-10 minutes before. The police were there and taking statements, which means that the accident happened about 5+ minutes beforehand. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone was grievously injured.


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Gratuitous Shoe Post

I like to gripe about my feet. That’s because they’re super wide (I have EEE width hockey skates), high arched and very small. When my old running shoes gave me blisters, on the bottoms of my feet no less, I needed to replace my 5-year-old relics.So, I happily went to the mall and did.

Have any of you had a type of shoes that you’ve always fancied but knew that it would never work? Every time I’ve been to Europe, I’ve looked at the displays of pumas, but knew that neither the price nor the size would fit. So, when I had the temptation of getting a puma-type style of shoe for sale that fit, I gave in. I got these pretties:


I really have too many shoes but they all have their own uses. (Insert Mr Bean’s eye’s rolling.)

What shoes are you currently having a miniature love affair with?


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Our Ballroom Dancing Adventures

Mr. Bean and I started taking ballroom dancing lessons two years ago in preparation for our wedding. We’ve continued on taking lessons, started level 2 and tonight was the first time that we actually attended a club sponsored dance.Rest assured that we’re no where near as good as the people who are on “So You Think You Can Dance.”


We arrived late due to construction (it’s really a brilliant idea to go from three lanes to one on a main thoroughfare!) but we didn’t miss much. Every dance starts off with a lesson and today we learned Merengue. It’s a very easy latin dance where you basically step back and forth and turn a lot. Like so:

As a woman, it’s lots of fun as you just kind of turn your brain off and let yourself be lead through all the various moves while keeping the basic rhythm. It’s great because you don’t have to follow any specific footwork, just back and forth!

I’m glad that we’re taking ballroom dancing lessons again as they’re fun and it’s good that we can doing something together as a couple. We may not be pro stars, but we have fun.

Have you ever tried ballroom dancing? If not, what sports or activities do you do with your significant other?


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A Parenting Question

This is a situation that I witnessed while on the bus this week and I’d like to know what you would do.

There is a mother with two children (both about 2 – 3 years old) in a stroller. The girl is sleeping in the front and the boy is playing with the mother’s cell phone. The phone starts ringing, so the mother takes the cell phone and answers it. The boy starts making motions to try to grab then phone and when the mom ignores him, he starts screaming. When that doesn’t work, he starts crying. The mother continues her conversation and I can see the boy’s brain working. He looks at his sleeping sister then at the phone and starts hitting his sister. She wakes up and also starts crying. The mom tries to calm down her daughter, finishes her conversation and then soothes her back into sleeping. Eventually, she gives the cell phone back to her son.

The thing that really bothers me about this is that even after he hit his sister, he got the cell phone back. I do understand the pressure in public situations to keep your children quiet but should that take precedence over keeping boundaries?

If you were the mother, what would you have done?


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Dessert Party

This morning Sister Bean left for YWAM (Youth with a Mission) for her DTS (Discipleship Training School.) I’m really quite happy for her and I think that it will be a wonderful learning and faith-building experience!

So in celebration, my parent’s hosted a dessert party last night in honour of Sister Bean leaving. I’ll have to apologize as then only pictures of food that I took were my own – I did make a recipe from one of my newer gourmet gluten-free cookbooks called Pear Hazelnut Cake. I don’t know if I want to attempt to de-skin any more hazelnuts in the next while as 1/3 c. was more than enough!


I was kind of disappointed thatĀ  I didn’t get any pictures with Sister Bean, especially considering that I won’t be seeing her until Christmas. To placate you, here is a picture of myself and Mr. Bean. You can see some of the desserts in the background: my sister made rhubarb crisp, and there was also a whole bunch of gluten-tastic cakes and muffins as well as fruit.


One thing about my family is when we get together we think about very crazy things. Like launching deer and creating gnome armies. Or being viciously attacked by an ice picker upper.


I do hope that my sister has a wonderful, transforming time during her DTS!

Do you know anyone who has been called to go on any sort of discipleship training or missions?


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