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My Sister is a Quarter of a Century

Yesterday was Sister Bean`s birthday, so we went out to the Broken Plate to celebrate! My family loves Greek food as it is easy to make gluten free (as well as dairy & soy free for my mum.)


We ordered flaming cheese – OPA!


It was pretty entertaining as between the 6 of us, only 2 types of meals were ordered – lamb slovaki (my family) and some kind of seafood pasta called Ionian Seafood (Mr. Bean and Sister Bean`s friend.)

I was apparently really good at putting my hair in Mr. Bean`s face while having a picture of us taken – this is try three.


This is one reason why I should never be delegated to finish the wine – it goes straight to my head.


My dad is so kind in helping to point it out.

After dinner, we headed over to my parents house for some cake made by yours truly. My sister loves moose, so it seemed appropriate to put a moose on her cake!


The cake is a version of this cake made with a banana and it was delicious. I had an icing fail – don`t ever try to make vegan icing when you don`t have enough agave nectar or any arrowroot powder as neither honey nor corn starch are good substitutes. So, to make icing that is my mum kosher, I mixed some coconut oil with a bunch of icing sugar and lemon juice. I was afraid it was going to melt, so I had to keep it in the fridge.

When you make the cake, do note that it is quite soft and will deform with even the slightest pressure and if you don`t fully separate the cake from the pan before turning it out, it will rip off the sides of the cake. In other words, don`t be like me and keep your cake well shaped. Or if it does, use a raspberry border around the bottom to hide deformities.


Have you celebrated any birthdays lately?


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