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Babies Everywhere!

Well, not quite, but there have been a lot of baby related things happening – I know 5 people who have had babies recently or are currently pregnant. Baby number one is Malachi. Baby number two is Lauren, my cousin’s daughter, who my parents, sister and I visited on Sunday. She’s almost 3 months old and loves knowing where everyone is:


DSC_1752What are you staring at?

My cousin and her boyfriend have two dogs: Lennox (Boxer) and Jack (Bulldog). Not quite a human baby, but Lennox is an 11 month puppy and is hilarious:


I love how they both look so intelligent.

Pregnant woman number one is one of my former coworkers. Yesterday, my former work threw a baby shower for her. (Yes, I went back  just for this shower – honestly, I was quite happy to see some of my coworkers again! And it gave me a chance to try out my new lens – more on that later.) She’s having a baby boy due at the end of September –  I am so excited for her!


They had an incredibly cute cake – the booties are made out of cake! (I did offer to make a cake, but this one was already ordered. It had chocolate mousse icing. It looked sooooo good.)


So  that’s 3/5 – the other two I’ll share about once they have their baby showers!

Are there also a lot of babies within your circle of friends?


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