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My Cake Cupboard

Until recently, my cake stuff was strewn all around our kitchen – in the drawer by the microwave, above the fridge, and in the stove’s drawer as well as our “front hall” closet. Mr. Bean was getting a bit annoyed with all my stuff everywhere, so it was time to do something. So, last night we headed over to Canadian Tire and bought some drawers for my cake making supplies.


Yes, I am the proud owner of not one, but two cake carriers. I got the round one after the rectangular one squished all the roses on my Wilton 1 Cake.

I even tried to be organized in my drawers instead of just shoving things in.

cake closet

How do you organize things for your hobbies?

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed, I have added a “Cake” page to my blog – it lists all the cakes I’ve made for easy reference!


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