Cookbooks and My First Giveaway!

The other day Mr. Bean and I headed over to the bookstore and I picked up two new cookbooks:

Rest assured that we are not currently pregnant or autistic,  but this book is full of recipes that are all gluten and casein (a milk protein that my brother and mum are allergic to) free. It is quite an interesting read as it gives examples of how changing such a child to a GF&CF diet affects them. Plus, having healthy kid-friendly recipes around when we finally do have kids is always a bonus.

This cookbook is different from any of the cookbooks I have – it has full coloured photos for the majority of the recipes, it uses a variety of flours to make some pretty tasty looking things and the author doesn’t use soy unlike many other GF baking cookbooks.

Given that it’s our first anniversary on Sunday, I recently reached the 600 comments marker, and that I like you all and cookbooks so much, I want to giveaway a copy of my favourite multi-purpose cookbook, the Joy of Cooking.

It is packed full recipes, information on ingredients and techniques of how to do various things. (Like temper chocolate or how to make the burnt sugar in creme brulee without a blow torch or how to stack a wedding cake – you can tell which sections I use the most!) Mr. Bean’s favourite thing is all the diagrams of all the various cuts of meat. It’s good for both the novice and more advanced cook.

To enter, comment below! Please make sure that you leave your email so that I can get a hold of you. If you’d like an extra entry, post about this giveaway and link back here!

The giveaway closes on August 30th. Good luck! 🙂

What is your favourite cookbook?


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47 responses to “Cookbooks and My First Giveaway!

  1. I love to bake…everything! Which means, I love cookbooks! 🙂
    Your blog is wonderful. I love all the food you make! I saw that you went to Wilton’s cake decorating class, and I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing.
    I’m always up for a give-away, but I especially love the ADHD&Autistic cookbook. I’ve worked with both in the classroom, and this cookbook fascinates me.

    My e-mail address is: cassandranphillips{at}gmail{dot}com.

    My blog is: (I’ll post my link for the blog post later!)

    I’m so excited about this!

  2. Oooh! Oooh! I don’t have the Joy of Cooking, which I know is surprising considering how much I cook. I would love a copy!

    I actually don’t have a favorite cookbook… I always see lots that I want, but right now, cookbooks aren’t something that I really spend money on. When it comes to buying a few cookbooks or taking the bus to visit my husband for the weekend, I know how I’d rather spend my $40. Mostly, I just make up as I go along, find recipes from other food blogs, or peruse and

  3. Tricia Z

    My favorite cookbook is Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook- it is the first one I got as a new wife, and it taught me the basics. The recipes are reliable and simple. Thank you!

  4. Michelle

    I actually never have read the Joy of Cooking…weird! I should do that! My favourite cookbook is the Harrowsmith cookbook. Harrowsmith was a country living magazine that my mom used to read when I was a kid, so I grew up with the recipes, and was very excited when I found my own copy at a garage sale. I also like Loony Spoons, and

  5. Michelle

    I’m not sure if it will let you see my email or not… michelleheumann at… 🙂

  6. Renee G

    Please include me in your drawing. I adore baking and cookbooks.

  7. Hm, my favorite cookbook so far has been Better Homes & Gardens. But I have a habit of taking recipes from all over the place and sticking them where ever I can put them.

    Also have a really nice and simple Indian cook book.

    It’s funny but every time I see something about a gluten free recipe in the paper I think of you. But I’m sure if they’re publishing it in the paper you probably have already perfected that recipe.

  8. I am not much of a cook! But I have lots of cookbooks go figure! haha Happy Saturday!

    Stopping by from SITS! =D

  9. I am a cookbook collector! My absolutely favorite is the Domestic Diva’s paryt cookbook. LOVE IT! I just finished my very first giveaway and it was so fun to read all the comments that go along with it. Enjoy yours! Hope I win!

  10. I love cookbooks, too, but unfortunately I’m not much of a cook. I tend to favor the books that cater to my lack of knowledge. My favorite is the Betty Crocker book my parents gave my husband and me as a wedding gift.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Happy SITS Sharefest!

  11. Chère

    Ohh!! I just saw Julie and Julia and I am DYING to cook more! 🙂 And, obviously, this cookbook was a huge inspiration to Julia Child. So I must have it. Obviously 😉
    I don’t have a favorite cookbook, because I don’t have even ONE cookbook! 😦 I’m so “21st century” – all my recipes come from the internet!
    Fun giveaway! (and I assume it shows you my email address, but you know how to find me anyway….)

  12. ikkinlala

    My favourite is the Complete Harrowsmith Cookbook (or the original three volume version).

  13. I love cookbooks! I read them like novels. I think my favorite is one I got from a spa in Austin. Oh, and every single one of Paula Dean’s!

  14. maureen

    The Joy of Cooking would add JOY to my house so that I might be able to cook or bake decently. Right now I can sometimes make food that is edible and that is not for a lack of trying.

  15. Ooh! What a fabulous giveaway! Found you from SITS. I recently got married and could use some fresh ideas when it comes to cooking. I don’t have the most experience with it, but I’m trying!

    My favorite cookbook is actually a handmade one from my mom. She’s an amazing cook, and she put together a cookbook full of her recipes. It’s great that I can carry on certain food-related traditions in my new household.

  16. Happy 1st Anniversary! Came to say hi from SITS! Great giveway!

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  18. This is a great idea, and I would enter but I already own it! My mom gave it to be as a wedding gift, it was hers. 🙂

  19. Here is the link to my blog post about the Cookbook giveaway!

    Happy 1 year Anniversary!!

  20. I am a huge fan of the Barefoot Contessa books. And anything Julia Childs!

  21. This is a cookbook everyone should have and I don’t have it! I currently use Betty Crocker’s standby!


  22. Great giveaway! My favorite has always been the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I got it for my wedding and it was my mom’s standby favorite too.

  23. Raelena

    count me in please
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  24. Yay for a giveaway!

    I don’t really have a favorite cookbook, and surprisingly I don’t have Joy of Cooking.

    I tend to just grab a cookbook and flip through til I find something that looks tasty to try. So here’s to your first giveaway, yippee!

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  26. Hurray for your first giveaway! I’m a cookbook addict. One of my favorite ones right now is a book written in French with foods to help prevent Cancer.

  27. Jen

    Congrats on the first giveaway! My favorite cookbook definitely has to be a family cookbook made up of all the fantastic recipes that have been passed down the generations on my mothers side of the family!

  28. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for telling me about this contest! How fun!!!!!! I LOVE cookbooks!!!!! My absolute favorite are the Taste of Home series…pretty much any cookbook they put out!

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Wishing you and your husband much happiness always!

  29. Wow- I don’t have The Joy of Cooking and I could really use it! Thank you for the chance to win!


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  31. Dee

    Are you kidding. Please count me in. I’d love to win.

  32. Meg S

    I love cookbooks, and this is one that I don’t own.

  33. Kay

    I love the Joy of Cooking! One of the best basic cookbooks out there; I’d love to have my own copy!

    Have you ever seen Raising the Salad Bar by Catherine Walthers? It has some amazing ideas in it!

  34. I have a Cambells soup cook book with maybe 25 recipes if that in it. They are easy to make and only take about 7 ingredients max to make one recipe.

    The easier the better for me. I never enjoy cooking that much.

  35. Tammy

    Ohh yes! Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Bean! I see I have been neglecting my blogging duties. :/

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  37. I would love to win the Joy of cooking!

  38. You know, I do not have any cook books. Most of the recipes I use are from my grandma and mother or from bloggers.

    I would love my first cookbook though.

  39. My favorite cookbook is Dorie Greenspan’s Baking!

  40. What caught my eye is MILK PROTEIN…CAESIN..MY four year old was 6 months when we figured this out…LONG story but I wanted to comment

  41. This cookbook would be great! Right now my favorite is the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

  42. My fave cookbook is one I bought years ago about that highlight bed and breakfasts across the US.
    I’ll have to look for the ADHD and Autism cookbook, I’ve been thinking of starting the gfcf diet for my son. It seems overwhelming though.

  43. My favorite cookbook is the old Better Homes and Gardens book my mom used to use.

  44. Suz

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love to cook. I use a lot of my grandma’s recipes that she taught me years ago. The internet has a lot of great recipes & I have some old cookbooks that are go to’s

  45. chasingblue

    My favorite cookbook is this ridiculously old cookie book from my mom. I love it and I use a new one.

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