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To Love You More

Sorry that I haven’t been around lately – our modem died = no interwebs.

Some of you may have heard Celine Dion’s song “To Love You More” before. If you haven’t, watch this:

Now imagine that is song was played at the wedding I went to a few Saturdays ago. Imagine that you’re having a sugar high, feeling silly and your husband is sitting at a table a bit away from the dance floor.¬† What the logical conclusion for you to do? Well, of course you start serenading your husband. Like this:

One of my friends handed me a mic sometime throughout the song. My sister and another friend decided to be my back up dancers.



Please excuse the poor quality – the photos were not taken with my camera.

Poor Mr. Bean was dying.

Honestly, I wished  that the DJ played another song like that so I could have had a reprise.

At least we all danced to “Stop” from the Spice Girls before the groom left:


Just like what happened at a wedding 4 years ago:

ScannedImage(The Groom is the guy on the left, followed by Mr. Bean and another friend.)

Have you every taken part in any kind of ridiculous dancing?


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