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Chocolate, How I love(hate) you.


I have an announcement to make: I am giving up chocolate. Wait, what? There’s a good reason. Or a few of them, unfortunately.

I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of stress in the last+ month – my report, my presentation, my job interview and now my last performance evaluation. When I’m stressy, I want to eat chocolate – what sane woman wouldn’t? Unfortunately, chocolate doesn’t always reciprocate my love for it as either the overabundance of dairy (in white chocolate) or the caffeine (in dark chocolate) gives me a headache and makes me tired, two of my classic allergic reactions to food I’m intolerant to. I usually eat milk chocolate as it’s the best (worst?) of both worlds.

But, the combination of chocolate and stress = face deciding to have a flashback to angsty teenage years. I’ve been breaking out and I hate it.

So what can I do about it? I have a pretty solid skin regime (cetaphil, benzoyl peroxide & dove non-comedogenic sensitive skin moisturizer, thanks the that acne guy) and my stress should be reducing shortly (last day of work on Friday! woo!) So all that is left to take into consideration is my diet. I usually eat pretty healthily because I can’t process much fat/processed foods/etc. Except for chocolate. Unfortunately that fat’s got to go somewhere (and it isn’t just my waistline!)

Thus, I made the hard decision to cut chocolate out of my diet, at least until my face calms down. Wish me luck! I guess I’m going to be getting my endorphins solely from exercise.

Chocolate, I’m going to miss you. Especially those tasty peanut butter cups I made for Mr. Bean

What do you do when you have a break out?


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