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Saturday`s Wedding

Thanks to all of you who helped me decide what to wear to the wedding on Saturday. Since it was ridiculously hot (33C – 91F), I wore my white and black swirl dress. Poor Mr. Bean in his suit.


One of my favourite parts of the wedding was when the groomsmen took their swords and created a salute bridge (what is the proper term for this?) It was very appropriate as both of them go to various parks throughout the city and sword fight.


Their flower girl stole the show. She is so cute!


They had a very beautiful cake – is it bad that when I saw it the first thing I thought was “I could have made that!”


Here is my favourite photo of the evening – it wasn’t intentional but somehow it worked out really well.


It’s interesting going to a wedding as a married person – instead of being “Oh! I want that in my wedding” or “Oh, I’m going to not do that,” etc. (the story of my life last year – when went to a ridiculously large amount of weddings before ours last summer) I feel like I can enjoy what it happening without feeling competitive.

Been to any weddings lately?


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