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21 Days of Prayer

In the past two+ weeks, almost every night I have been at my parent’s church for a 21 day long prayer session. Yesterday was the conclusion of the 21 days.

We have been praying for open Heavens, healing and blessings and it happened. The church’s application for charitable status, which usually takes one to two years, took 5 weeks. Praise the Lord! People with potentially cancerous growths had their growth fall off or disappear. Someone else whose clogged arteries were leaching away her energy was able to mow her lawn with a push mower without getting tired. Praise the Lord!

For me, I asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit and I spoke in tongues. I asked to be healed and He filled me with joy. I asked for a desire for His word and he fulfilled it. Praise the Lord!

Throughout the session, we were encouraged to fast – I fasted from lunch to dinner everyday. I originally wanted to just do the recommended 3 hour fast, but one day when I was unsuccessfully looking for a piece of paper with phone numbers of people from my former work, I told God that if he helped me find that piece of paper I would fast from lunch to dinner for the remainder of the days. Guess what? A few minutes later, I found the piece of paper I needed. In addition, we were called to fast from things that prevent us from giving all of ourselves to Him and replacing it with things that are more holy. (Remember how the bible says if a demon is cast out and it is not replaced or filled with something else, 7 stronger demons will come and take that place. Luke 11:24-26) In my nerdy self, I enjoy reading fanfiction but I know it’s not the best thing that I could be doing with my time. Instead of giving it up cold turkey, I am trying to replace it with reading the bible. Wish me luck!

Through the course of the 21 days, we read the book of Acts. I hope that over the next few weeks I am able to share some of the meditations and insight gained with you all.

Since yesterday was the concluding day of this 21 day session, the church service was a celebration service. Being me, decided to make carrot cake muffins. I used the same recipe I used before, but I want to note that you either have to drain more of the pineapple off or add more flour and the first round didn’t rise as much as I had originally hoped. The recipe made 12 “normal” muffins and 4 dozen “mini” muffins. I left some of the nicer looking muffins as is and iced the rest with cream cheese icing.


What are your thoughts on fasting? Have you ever fasted before?


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