Another Post for the British Columbia Tourism Board

When I realized how many posts I have written about trips to British Columbia I have taken in the last two years, I joked that perhaps I hook up with the BC tourism board as I’m basically providing free advertisement on how beautiful and awesome the province is. But they have no idea who I am and what I’ve written about and I’m okay with that.

Have no idea what I am talking about?

Well, Mr. Bean and I went to Field, BC for our Honeymoon and our 6th month anniversary, we went to Radium Hot Springs for Mr. Bean’s birthday and I’ve been Vancouver Island three times in 2009: at the beginning of July, over the Labour Day weekend and in November. I’ve also gone hiking in the Rockies and returned to Vancouver Island (again) for my cousin’s wedding this summer that I haven’t blogged about.

But, my latest journeys into British Columbia have been a trip with my mum to Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Well, instead of babbling, I try to summarize our trip in a few “mosts” and photos.

The most beautiful view of Mount Assiniboine: Tie between the following three photos.

The most drastic weather change: the first day we had a freak downpour with ridiculously high winds and lots of rain and the next morning it was perfectly clear.

(Left: the best view on the first day, Right: the next morning.)

The most exciting new experience: riding in the front seat of a helicopter.

The scariest experience: Climbing up this section of the Nublet. (I am not a fan of heights or exposed slopes.)

A video of the view from the Nublet can be found here.

The prettiest meadow:

The most vibrant flowers I have ever seen: Indian Paintbrushes. This picture does not do it justice.

The coldest lake I’ve ever swam in: Cerulean Lake

The most educational experience: Pretending to by my mum’s geology field assistant. I got very good at making stations on the GPS when she found an outcrop.

The best view from a campsite:

The best back-lit photo:

The most entertaining and bizarre thing: A varmint stole one of my Teva sandals while we were hiking. The other sandal became the “decoy,” but no other critters took the bait, so I had to carry it out.

I’m not saying that either the Marmot or the Chipmunk stole my shoe, I’m just assuming that whatever stole it was some kind of animal that loves rubber. Or something.

The most amazing place: Wonder Pass

The tastiest food: wild strawberries.

The funnest destructive sport: Thistle whacking.

An amazing backpacking trip: This one!

What is your favourite place to visit?

Note: These photos were taken by either my mum or I – please do not use them without our permission! Thanks.


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8 responses to “Another Post for the British Columbia Tourism Board

  1. I love BC! I spent many summers there growing up, since my Uncle lived in Golden. He lived in a beautiful house with the most amazing view of a mountain, it was such a gorgeous thing to wake up to in the morning!
    I was in love with Indian Paintrbushes, and would pick so many of them.

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