Cross Country Skiing

Mr. Bean and I went cross-country skiing yesterday – the first time in 5 years for me and the first time since Mr Bean was a Scout as a kid! Luckily for us, there wasn’t much of this:

And more of this:

Had we gone downhill skiing, which I never would do as I am terrible with the whole height thing, the former picture would be more representative of what had happened. I didn’t used to be afraid of heights – I even took downhill skiing lessons as a child! – but then, I fell out of a tree fort, had a few meltdowns while hiking by cliffs and/or falling down huge hills on skis. So, now I am quite happy to stay in places where my gravitational potential energy is much lower, thank you very much.

We had absolutely beautiful day for skiing in the mountains:

There’s something very peaceful about skiing through forests, especially when I’m not fearing for my life every second like on a ski hill.

Even Mr. Bean had fun and did quite well despite being dragged out on a ski that was 5 km longer than he had hoped.

So what are you: more of a downhill or cross-country skier or neither?


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8 responses to “Cross Country Skiing

  1. I generally do the downhill skiing thing. I’ve been doing it since I was 3. My dad used to be ski patrol so it was pretty much a necessity.

    I have gone cross country skiing a couple times since I’ve moved to NH. I do enjoy it. But I mostly enjoy the lower cost of it.

  2. Oh, that is SO beautiful!!! I’m definitely a downhiller … but your pics bring back memories of doing cross country when my hubby and I were dating. It’s just that CC is actual work vs. the adrenaline rush of racing downhill. 🙂

  3. I’ve done both but really prefer down hill. I love the freedom and thrill!!!

    Happy New Year and thank you for visiting me on my special SITS Day!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I have never been skiing but hopefully someday I will be able to try it. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Rae

    So beautiful! I’ve only been cross country skiing a few times. I would love to do either at this point!

  6. I am a downhill skiier myself. Where did you go?

    Also, I am your Valentine’s Day Exchange Partner. . . so exciting!

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