My Iron Ring

It took a while to get these photos from my dad, but here I am with my newest piece of jewellery:

To prove to you non-believers that there are women in engineering (and yes, there are more than nine. In chem, anyways πŸ˜‰ ):

In your profession, do you have anything like the “iron ring?”


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8 responses to “My Iron Ring

  1. What’s it for????

    My fiance’s an engineering major here in Mexico… I know nothing about the iron ring, though!

    • The iron ring is a symbol of the responsibility that engineer’s have to society. A long story short: a bridge fell down and killed lots of people due to poor engineering and so the group of engineers who oversee the engineering profession in Canada decided that there should be something to remind the Canadian engineer of what could happen if they do a poor job at their work. It’s also a sort of “rite of passage” from being a university student into the “real world” of engineering.

  2. Rae

    Congratulations. And you look very cute!

  3. There was a ring ceremony for engineers here in the US but it wasn’t as important and symbolic as it is in Canada. My dad still wants me to come back to Canada for grad school so I can get my Canadian iron ring.

  4. In nursing we have a pinning ceremony to note our entry into the profession.

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