July Update

Lots of exciting things have been happening in July such as:

Saw my future sister-in-law horse jump:

Mr. Bean and I headed to the mountains for a hike through Johnston canyon and to the inkpots:

Johnston Canyon Upper Falls

An inkpot

Shakin' my tush on the catwalk

I had a drink that looked like a japanese cartoon character:

I made a frittata for the first time:

Went for many a bike ride:

I got to meet our friends’ new puppy:

We went to my friend from school’s wedding at his in-law’s farm:

Here's the three of us who were in Chem Engg together - 2/3 of us are now hitched!

Got some epic jumping photos

Captured a Beautiful Sunset

Attempted to take photos of fireworks - any tips?

Our house, car and rhubarb survived through a hail storm:

Unfortunately, the rest of Calgary wasn’t so fortunate with golf ball+ sized hail.

We also started our attempt at meal planning and I went on a 5-day sugar fast. More on both later!

I also won the “Life is Good” Award from Amanda over at Teasingly Diverse.

Apparently this award comes with a bunch of questions that I theoretically should answer, but I don’t know what they are and I like Amanda’s method of handing over the award: the first person to leave a comment and say why life is good will get it! 🙂

What has the first half of July had in store for you?


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7 responses to “July Update

  1. Hiii!
    I just read your comment on my blog, and I have to say that I’m really excited to meet a fellow Calgarian! I love hiking in Johnston Canyon, although I’ve never had the chance to go past the lower falls. I’ve never been with anyone who wants to go further!
    The hail storm yesterday was intense, I made the mistake of taking my nanny kids outside just before it hit (they were going stir crazy) and then we were caught in it! Luckily, someone let us take cover in their garage for a bit.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely be reading your blog 🙂

  2. Glad that hail stayed in Calgary – we’ve had oodles of rain and wind an hour north of Calgary – but my small town missed out on the hail!!! Glad everything survived.

  3. That sunset picture is yours? It’s AMAZING. Like wow. Like I would hang it on T1’s wall kind of amazing.

  4. Rae

    You make me want to move to the northwest (or southwest in your case)!

  5. i loved all of these photos! the jumping one is too dang cute!! and i’ve never quite mastered the art of taking firework photos…lol..its always a challenge! but yours looks awesome!

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