It’s off to Banff for me…

This afternoon Mr. Bean and I are heading out to Banff for his work Christmas Party. I’m pretty excited for Banff is such a cute town, except that it’s going to be bloody cold. There are lots of cute shops in Banff and there are two amazing candy stores: one for any type of candy you want and the other for the BEST fudge ever. Seriously, on our honeymoon we bought so much fudge from this place – it probably was the reason that I gained the weight I did.

But the party is a dinner, dance and an overnight stay at the Banff Park Lodge. (Not quite the Banff Springs Hotel, but that’s okay – and easier on our wallets, too!) This means that we get to dress up, so I’ll definitely be taking pictures for all of you! 🙂

To put ourselves in the holiday spirit, we had eggnog french toast, mandarin oranges and bacon for breakfast.


Eggnog French Toast

For every about 1/4 cup of eggnog, add one egg. You can also add some cinnamon/nutmeg if so desired. Pour into flat dish with sides (ie. plastic containers work great) and soak bread with egg mixture.  Cook in frying pan or on a griddle until egg is set. Serve with jam/syrup/marmalade/whatever you heart desires.


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2 responses to “It’s off to Banff for me…

  1. Ooh eggnog french toast sounds really great. We may have to try that when we get back.

  2. That looks really yummy!

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