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Colour Scheme for our Living Room

So one of the things that I’ve (sillyly) been angsty about is the colour scheme in our living room. Now that most of the time we spend at home it’s dark out, I think we need to lighten it up. living-roomAbove is a rough diagram of the current set up in our living room. (In the corner, you can see the memory bench that I talked about previously.)

Now, onto colours:

Paint: two shades of tan

Floor: Oak hardwood (aka. light warm brown)

Furniture: Wood is either a nice cherry red or a medium dark brown.  food-photos-0571The futon’s cover is currently maroon (the colour they had in the store at the time) and the lamp shades are white.


Now, I we are willing to get a new futon cover (in fact, I’d like to because it’s really quite dark) but I’d prefer not to repaint the walls unless necessary.

So, my question for all of you is what colour of futon cover and/or chair should we get? These are the futon covers colours that I know are available for sure. What colour schemes do you think would work well in this room? I’m looking for something that is calming and classy.

What do you think? Any help is appreciated!


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