This is Why I Meal Plan

… Because this is what Mr. Bean makes when I leave:

That’s right. Turtle burgers.

What does your significant other make when you’re not there?

P.S. For the record, he didn’t eat it all himself – he had a bunch of friends over.


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18 responses to “This is Why I Meal Plan

  1. Oh man, that is hilarious! If I’m not home, Stephen typically sticks with cereal for dinner.
    He does want to make Turbaconepic for my family at Christmas time though. Look for it on YouTube.
    (I sincerely hope he’s joking about making that!)

  2. Errign

    My ex would eat sandwiches, Lipton Pasta Sides or cereal for every meal if no one was there to cook for him. In fact, in the two years we dated/lived together, the only thing he ever made me was Pasta Sides, haha.

  3. Michelle

    I’m not sure what that is, but it looks gross 😛

    On one epic and memorable occasion before Trevor and I got married, but after he’d moved into our apartment, he had a ‘ch-bacon’ feast with a bunch of guys. It involved chocolate milk, and several packages of bacon (afterwhich the apartment reeked of bacon for days). Thankfully this has never been repeated 🙂

  4. This one really got me laughing so I had to share it with my hubby. Funny thing is, he thinks it looks good! They must all be the same??

  5. ostranderblog

    Ohh I don’t know if I’ll show this to Hubby… omg I’ll have one of these in my kitchen! lol too funny.

  6. That is the wildest looking thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll have to show this to my hubby too…of course, he’ll probably want to make it!

  7. This is too funny! Gotta give him props for creativity!

  8. That is the most hilarious food I’ve ever seen! My husband would never make anything that involved the oven. If I’m gone he’ll survive on smoothies, Chipotle, and beer.

  9. Oh my gosh!! This is too good to be true. How funny is that; and so clever too 🙂

  10. ha ha! too funny!

    mine usually just makes cereal or sandwiches.

  11. JJ

    What IS that!?!?! LOL!

  12. Danielle Corrick

    My husband is jealous of your husband’s creativity! 🙂

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