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Faith Edits

How is everyone’s Thursday (or Friday) going? I’m doing fairly well – I painted some baseboards (renos are ALMOST done!), went to the gym, took some selfies, prepared our slow cooker dinner (I’ve made this before and it’s delicious) and registered for a seminar at the beginning of May. This week has been a bit bizarre as I’m having difficulty keeping days straight. I think today is Wednesday and on Tuesday I thought the next day would be Sunday. Oh my. I hope you’re not as confused as I was! 😛

Now onto the edits for this week’s Shoot and Edit! Just in case you forgot, here is what the original shots looked like:

Now here are the edits:

  1. In Lightroom, I first increased the exposure and brightness.
  2. Then I  played around with saturation and vibrance: I decreased saturation to -70 and increased vibrance to +80.
  3. I then adjusted black and contrast.

  1. After increasing the exposure in lightroom, I opened up the photo in photoshop.
  2. Copy the background layer using “ctrl j” – you don’t want to edit the background as these will be destructive edits!
  3. I then copied the background again and labelled the layer “orange.” Using the magic wand (which selects things based on similar colours), with a tolerance of around 75, I selected all the orange on the label.  Once all the orange was selected, I created a mask (the button that looks like a circle in a square on the layers menu).
  4. I then repeated the above step for the blue on the label – I didn’t do nearly as good of a job, but that’s okay. Adjust the tolerance used to ensure that you are getting all of what you want. Obviously, the larger the tolerance, the more it will select.
  5. Making the “orange” layer active, I went image–>adjustments–>replace colour. A menu will pop up, use the eye dropper to select what colours you want to change and you can play around with the hues/saturation/etc. until you find something that you like. I made my orange appear red. Note: This is a destructive edit, which means that you’re actually altering the pixels and cannot be removed like an adjustment layer.
  6. I then made the blue layer active and repeated the colour changing. There ended up being a ring of blue around the letters, so I opened up the replace colour menu again and darkened it so it appears more like a border around the letters.

Note: You do not have to make masks for this if you don’t want to – it depends on whether you only want part of the image or everything with that colour in the image changed.

  1. In Lightroom, I played around with the tone until the bread looked quite appetizing and cropped the photo to better fill the frame.
  2. I then opened it in photoshop and added text. I added a “stroke” outline to the letters by right clicking on the text layer–>blending options–>stroke.


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