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Things are Looking Up!

Or at least they continue to for this week’s Good to Wow Shoot and Edit challenge.

Just to remind you, this is what my SOOC shot looks like:

Now on to the edits:

  1. In Lightroom, I applied two presets: one called direct positive and the other general – punch.
  2. I then used the sharpening tool to sharpen up the bushes and used the masking so that it wouldn’t sharpen the sky.

  1. Opened up image in photoshop.
  2. I added a sun flare similar to what Ashley did in week 10. On the “contrast” layer, I added two adjustment layers: on the first I increased the contrast and on the second I increased the saturation and made the sky a bit bluer by adjusting the hue.
  3. Added a Warm Sun texture in two layers: first is on “multiply” blending mode with 30% opacity and the other is “Luminosity” blending mode also at 30% opacity. I basically just scrolled through the blending modes until I found a combination that I liked.

Looking at these pictures makes me wish that there wasn’t snow on the ground… still. At least our snow man is mostly gone.

What’s it looking like outside for you right now?



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