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How I Stopped Worrying and Loved The Fan

Have you ever tried taking photos with a fan? Until today, I had never even tried as that’s what models do in their crazy photoshoots, not what I do while trying to take self portraits in my bedroom. However, this week’s Selfie Saturday challenge was to take photos with a fan, so I tried it.

I did learn something very important from taking these photos: make sure that you use a powerful enough fan, especially if you have fairly short, straight hair that doesn’t really like to “catch in the breeze” so to speak. Our fan is quite small and is strong enough if you’re about a foot away. Oh well. I also wasn’t wearing any makeup (as I don’t normally), so do wear some if you want to look more glamorous. 🙂

The most challenging thing I find about self portraits is for me not to judge myself too harshly. I do a really good job of picking out my flaws in every. single. bloody. photo. that I take, so it’s difficult for me to accept myself how I am and for how I look.  I constantly have to remind myself that I am beautiful in the eyes of God and my husband says I’m sexy, so that’s got to count for something! 😉 Regardless, just to be real with how I look, I didn’t touch up any of the above photos, except for adjusting the exposure and sharpening slightly. Even with that, I think some of the photos did turn out quite well! I did touch up my favourite, though:

How do you feel about taking self portraits?


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