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Quick Update

Almost two weeks ago, I started a new job at an engineering firm. A lot has happened since then:

  • I had to redo my petroleum safety course as well as H2S Alive. H2S is nasty stuff that can kill you very easily if you’re not careful.
  • I’ve started working on a gas plant expansion. It’s pretty neat and a very large project, so making the schedule for it is kind of crazy (especially when you don’t know how long things generally take.)
  • I’ve had my work computer crash and lost some work, which I wasn’t impressed with. At least it was only 1.5 weeks of work instead of months. Lesson learned: save everything to the network!
  • We celebrated two different friends 30th birthdays. Mr. Bean is next, so soon it’s time to start scheming about what to do for his.
  • I threw a baby shower for one of my very good friends. It was really cute and everyone seemed to have a good time, so I’m pleased with that. Some pictures of decorations and stuff will come later!
  • I haven’t taken very many photos at all – I’ve been focusing on work, eating, exercise and sleeping, so there isn’t much brain power left for creativity at the moment. Maybe now that the baby shower is over it will get better – I don’t want my camera to start catching cobwebs!

What have you been up to over the last week and a bit?


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Hi Ho It’s Off to Work I Go!

This morning I start  my new job! I don’t know where the time went as it seems like yesterday I announced that I had a job! I’m equal parts nerves and excitement but I’m trying to go in with an open mind and a “I want to learn and do my best” attitude.

As for these photos of the moon, the other night as I was walking home from the train, I looked up at the moon and was blown away. I tried to take a photo with my phone and was sorely disappointed, so the moment I got home, I broke out my camera, zoom lens and tripod.

For others who use their phone cameras a lot, are you happy with the quality of photo they take or is my technique lacking? (Which is quite possible because I got my phone recently and I haven’t used it very often as I usually forget that I have it. haha.)

What’s new and exciting in your life?


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