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Letters from Bean

Dear Anxiety,

You are like the carpenter’s ants in the foundation of my mind’s “house.” I would like to get rid of you but my pest control is severely lacking. I especially want you to go away for the next few weeks. You are not welcome at my presentation this Wednesday – I do a good enough job of being tongue tied and making a fool of myself already, thank you very much. I also need to you be gone the following Wednesday as you’re really difficult to be around and make job interviews even more unpleasant. I can always wish that you were out of my “house” completely and forever, but you persist relentlessly. Please leave me alone until at least August 6th, okay?



Dear Confidence and Self  Esteem,

I miss you both greatly – when are you coming back? When you left 9 months ago, you almost destroyed me. I know that having a 9 month Caribbean vacation is preferable to Calgary, but the weather is getting nicer in hopes of drawing you back. I hear that the next two Wednesdays are supposed to be gorgeous, so perhaps I can tempt you to please come visit me? We can go out for dinner – my treat – and spend the evening by the pool if you’d please meet me by noon both days.

Thinking of you and missing you both terribly,




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Teh Studeez

Not quite for the MCATS, but my waterflooding course. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday after my exam!

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On Hiatus

I haven’t been around very much recently, as I had somewhat of a melt down on the weekend and another one on Monday. I have taken the last two days off (as per doctor’s orders) and hopefully I’ll be back at work tomorrow. I haven’t been on the computer as much as usual because the doctor told me to: a) get out of the house, b) to do things that I like and c) not do nothing (I usually consider spending lots of time on the computer “doing nothing”. So, I have been doing a lot of baking, walking and spending time with Mr. Bean (he was not working yesterday, either) and my family.

Today my plan is to:

  1. Write thank you cards while watching a funny movie
  2. Go to the gym to work off some stress
  3. Bake the Cretan Walnut cake for tomorrow’s bible study
  4. See if I need to get a new pan for the cake
  5. Take a nap

    Not fun but necessary:

  6. Phone this career services guy about where at the university I can take a career aptitude test. (But I might do that tomorrow at work.)
  7. Go to the bank and change my names on my accounts.

Does anyone know how to quickly kill a cellphone battery? I really want to recharge my phone, but it’s refusing to die.

The bright side of doing all this baking is that I will soon be able to post some photos and recipes!


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