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A Tale of Two Boots

Once upon a time (ten years ago to be exact), in a land far, far away (Switzerland) a pair of boots found a home on the feet of a girl from across the water. Over the years the boots had periods of both hibernation and use. As time past, the girl’s love and use of the boots increased.

Time after time, the boots proved their worth despite their aging and worn exterior. Then, on one fateful trip, the boots finally fell apart on the second day of a four day trip. With no way to fix them, the girl lovingly repaired them the best she could with what she had – moleskin and bandaids.

Despite all surgeries and attempts at resuscitating the boots, by the end of the trip there was no hope left for this pair of boots. After ten years, the faithful pair of hiking boots were laid to rest.

Now the girl is faced with the task of finding a pair of replacement boots to fit her wide high arched feet. Hopefully the next pair of boots fare as well as this last pair!

What’s your favourite pair of shoes?


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Gratuitous Shoe Post

I like to gripe about my feet. That’s because they’re super wide (I have EEE width hockey skates), high arched and very small. When my old running shoes gave me blisters, on the bottoms of my feet no less, I needed to replace my 5-year-old relics.So, I happily went to the mall and did.

Have any of you had a type of shoes that you’ve always fancied but knew that it would never work? Every time I’ve been to Europe, I’ve looked at the displays of pumas, but knew that neither the price nor the size would fit. So, when I had the temptation of getting a puma-type style of shoe for sale that fit, I gave in. I got these pretties:


I really have too many shoes but they all have their own uses. (Insert Mr Bean’s eye’s rolling.)

What shoes are you currently having a miniature love affair with?


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Shoe Love

(Warning: This post is pretty shallow. But I’m excited that I found a pair of heels that actually fit properly! Feet that are somewhat wide, have high arches and small toes don’t really fit well with most shoes.)

I needed a new pair of dressy heels because my old ones stopped supporting my feet properly – I guess that’s what you get for 20$ shoes. This is what I found – they were the first pair that I tried on!

Aren’t they pretty?



hpim1703What are your favourite pair of shoes?


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