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The Things That Were and Weren’t

Well, one thing that “is” is that it’s finally reading break! And the Olympics have started (which, I’m sure you know unless you’ve been living under a rock.)

Another thing is was is that Canada won their first Gold medal on Canadian soil! I have to admit that I almost cried while watching the medal ceremony and the National Anthem was being played. Yep, I’m a sap.

Now to transition to the things that weren’t:

The Story of the Extension That Wasn’t

Once upon a time there was a lab writeup on process control that had to be finished in two weeks. A week before it was due, it asked for an extension over the weekend as everything else but it was pressing. It was doing well – it was being modelled when it found out that the forces of irony caused the extension to no longer exist. What was this poor lab going to do? It wasn’t close to being done but it was now due in two days! A lot of stress, hard work and lack of sleep and the lab was done! The lab almost lived happily ever after until she realized that she forgot to hand in her source code. An email later and the arrival of the weekend brought the happily ever after. The End.

The Story of the Valentine’s Gift Exchange That Wasn’t

Once upon a time there was a girl who signed up for a Valentine’s gift exchange on another person’s blog. Unfortunately, the exchange never quite happened due to a lack of communication (partially due to the previously mentioned “wasn’t”  and that the girl’s house might be quite difficult to find.) So, if my partner is reading this, there is something here with your name on it that I would really like to send you.

Have you had any “was”s or “wasn’t”s lately?

P.S. If you do live under a rock, I am sorry for poking fun at you. Perhaps I am really poking fun at myself as I have a tendency to live under a rock when things get tough. Maybe we can be friends?


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Olympic Torch Relay

As I hope all of you know, the Olympics are going to be in Vancouver this February. As part of the hype building process, the olympic torch has been travelling through Canada over the last months. In the last few days, the torch has been travelling through Calgary. It was completely by fluke that I saw the torch not once, but twice today.

I had a dentist appointment downtown this morning, so I was sitting on the train reading a book and I looked up to see the torch being run on an adjacent street. Apparently Calgary Transit did all it could to bring this moment to us.

After my appointment, I headed to the uni, got off the train only to be stopped by a small cheering crowd, a whole bunch of police vehicles and others driving past  making lots of noise.

Then lo and behold! The Olympic torch!

I really didn’t have any plans to go and watch the torch, but I guess they were made for me. Now I feel really excited about the Olympics!

Are you excited about the Olympics?


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