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Happy New Year!

2010 was a pretty good year for me: I graduated from University, travelled to Europe, went to five weddings, started taking photography courses and began volunteering. Here’s a quick photo review:

(click to enlarge)

Top row: Awesome Halloween costume (+ banana cake!), Iron Ring, ENGG Week, visiting my friend’s farm and milking a cow for the first time, Mount Assiniboine backpacking trip

Middle row: Night photography session, one friend’s wedding, me and my siblings + brother’s girlfriend at cousin’s wedding

Bottom row: Visiting my German exchange host family, Mr. Bean and I in Sweden, with my two school friends (the one in the middle got married.

What are the most memorable things that happened to you this year?


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Lottie Sitting

This weekend (and extending into week as Mr. Bean has been sick) Mr. Bean and I have been looking after my parent’s new dog Lottie. She’s also a Boston Terrier and hopefully she is more lucky than Lucky!

Lottie’s favourite thing to do is lie on Mr. Bean.

Her second favourite thing is to go ballistic when she greats you at the door or in the morning.

Her third favourite thing to do is to lie on the keyboard of my laptop.

The laptop's mine, Dog!

But overall, she’s a hilarious dog who we enjoy looking after. I’m kind of sad that she has to go back to my parent’s house but it’ll be good to go back to our boring “not taking the dog for walks every few hours” lives.


What do you like the most about your pet(s)?


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Our Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago, Mr. Bean and I were married.

It’s been an exciting and interesting two years with lots of ups and downs. I’ve fought (and continue to fight) with depression, finished my internship, graduated from university, gone to Europe and a whole bunch of other places, discovered my love of decorating cakes, gone to many weddings and had a lot of fun! I’ve also grown a lot as a person and we have grown together as a couple. I’m looking forward to many, many more years with Mr. Bean and I’m excited and afraid to see what the future holds in store for us!

What’s the biggest thing that has changed for you in the  last two years?

In case you’re interested, you can see more photos from our wedding here.

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Happy First Anniversary to Us!

One year ago, Mr. Bean and I publicly devoted ourselves to each other and were married!


It’s been a very interesting year, with lots of ups and downs. But we made it through and they’ll be many more years to come!


When is your anniversary?

If you haven’t already, do enter my giveaway for a copy of the Joy of Cooking!


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Cookbooks and My First Giveaway!

The other day Mr. Bean and I headed over to the bookstore and I picked up two new cookbooks:

Rest assured that we are not currently pregnant or autistic,  but this book is full of recipes that are all gluten and casein (a milk protein that my brother and mum are allergic to) free. It is quite an interesting read as it gives examples of how changing such a child to a GF&CF diet affects them. Plus, having healthy kid-friendly recipes around when we finally do have kids is always a bonus.

This cookbook is different from any of the cookbooks I have – it has full coloured photos for the majority of the recipes, it uses a variety of flours to make some pretty tasty looking things and the author doesn’t use soy unlike many other GF baking cookbooks.

Given that it’s our first anniversary on Sunday, I recently reached the 600 comments marker, and that I like you all and cookbooks so much, I want to giveaway a copy of my favourite multi-purpose cookbook, the Joy of Cooking.

It is packed full recipes, information on ingredients and techniques of how to do various things. (Like temper chocolate or how to make the burnt sugar in creme brulee without a blow torch or how to stack a wedding cake – you can tell which sections I use the most!) Mr. Bean’s favourite thing is all the diagrams of all the various cuts of meat. It’s good for both the novice and more advanced cook.

To enter, comment below! Please make sure that you leave your email so that I can get a hold of you. If you’d like an extra entry, post about this giveaway and link back here!

The giveaway closes on August 30th. Good luck! 🙂

What is your favourite cookbook?


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