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The Face Plan: Week 3

I seemed to have missed week two due to stress and extreme busy-ness. (Having a midterm and then finding out that the extension you thought you had didn’t exist can do that to a person.) Now that that’s done, I can attempt to return to more regular programming (not that I’m a TV channel or anything.)

Over the last week I’ve had somewhat of a breakout – most likely due to aforementioned stress – but my face seems to have calmed down somewhat. Thankfully. I’m still really hoping that some magic will happen to my face and it will clear up nicely. There are three weeks left in the claimed 6-weeks-to-clear-face claim, so here’s hoping!

Something that I’ve realized in this whole journey is that what you put inside is just as important as what I put on the outside. I know that I have difficulty processing too much fat. If I eat chips, too much cheese or chocolate, fried things, processed fat, etc. it is quite likely that I will have a breakout because of it.

One thing that helps me, other than not eating much processed fat, I take cod liver oil pills everyday. I’m a fan of the pills because eating a spoon full of fish oil every morning doesn’t have much appeal to me. Cod liver oil pills are also a source of omega-3 acids, which can also be very beneficial to your health. 🙂

Do you take any supplements/vitamins to help with your face or another issue?


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The Face Plan: Week 1

I realized after I posted last week’s face update that my camera was flattering my skin more than usual by hiding some of the blemishes. Ironically, it happens that my face partially broke out the day after the photo was taken.

Fortunately, my face had calmed down a bit to about the level it was last week. I wasn’t expecting much change as per the comments on the box, but my skin feels much  softer.

Unlike last week, I tried my best to capture what my actually looks like today. So, I took picture with both incandescent light:

As well as natural light:

Here’s hoping that my face keeps on getting better!

Have you ever tried any “get my face better and clearer” schemes? How quickly did they work?


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The Face Plan: Week 0

One of my plans for the new year was to clear up my face. As much as I wish that hoping that my face would clear up by itself, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Thankfully, my face is doing a lot better than it has been before, but it still needs a spot of help.

It probably doesn’t help that I fell off the not-eating-chocolate wagon over Christmas (my decent down the slippery slope started at Mr. Bean’s Christmas party – c’mon, who can say no to white chocolate mousse at breakfast?) and that I was incredibly stressed out due to reports, projects and finals.

Fortunately, I do have a plan. A lady who works in the “beauty” section of my local health food store, suggested that I try this: Nature’s Gate Organics Acne Treatment System.

It’s good for a beauty dunce like myself because it has a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, so I don’t have to wonder what I’m supposed to use or do.

It’s supposed to take 6 weeks to work its magic, so I’m hoping to keep track of my facial progress … and maybe reduce my chocolate consumption. (I can always dream. 😉 )

Have you ever had problems with acne? What did you do to get rid of it?


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