Photography Challenges

I try my best to participate in the following photography challenges:

Selfie Saturdays hosted by Selfie Magic

Most recent

Self, You are Beautiful
How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Fan
Selfie Saturday – Magic Fun
Jumping Selfie Saturday (on Sunday)
Selfie Saturday: Magic Collaboration

Good to Wow: Shoot and Edit hosted by Jill Samter and Ashley Sisk

Most recent

Yellow: SOOC / Edit
Flowers: SOOC / Edit
Green: SOOC / Edit
Up: SOOC / Edit
Faith: SOOC / Edit
Easter: SOOC / Edit
Growth: SOOC / Edit
Looking Up: SOOC / Edit

Foto Friday Challenge hosted by Household6Diva and then by Mom Tried It

Most Recent

January 14: Stairs
January 21: Light
January 28: Reflection
February 4: SOOC
February 11: Edit This!


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